How To Delete Recent Communities On Reddit

Best Answer How To Delete Recent Communities On Reddit When you tap the “X” on a community tile, it will be taken off your list of recent communities and won’t show up when you make a new post. Let me know what else you need!

how to delete recent communities on reddit

Just go into your phone’s settings and delete all of the app data and cache. Your actual subscribers are unaffected, as this is simply a recent sighting.

What does recent communities mean on Reddit

“Recently visited communities” option? Has a lot of space and doesn’t show all of my favourites without scrolling through.

How to delete Reddit history mobile

Use your mobile device to access the Reddit app.
Select your profile from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the page.
Open the Advanced menu by going to the Settings menu and clicking on it.
Clear the local history by clicking on it.
Your Reddit history will be removed if you confirm by pressing Clear local history on the app.

Reddit recent communities setting Android

I just used it for recent communities, which now appears to have vanished? Or is there a way I can still get to it? 72.

Reddit recent communities not showing

Reddit’s discover tab makes it impossible to find communities you’ve recently visited. Is this a mistake? It’s a dreadful situation.

Reddit because you visited this community before

What can I do to remove the “since you’ve visited this community before” and “people on reddit liked” messages from showing up on my homepage?

Reddit app recently visited

Until then, you may be able to locate that subreddit in your browser’s “history”. Please accept our apologies for any trouble this may cause!

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