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How To Delete Promo Code Uber 2022

Best Answer How To Delete Promo Code Uber Get into the Uber Eats Manager.
Choose “MARKETING” from the list on the side. Select “ALL CAMPAIGNS” at the top. Once you’ve decided which promotion you want to get rid of, click “ACTIONS.” Choose “DELETE” from the drop-down menu. This takes the offer off the list and deletes it.

How To Delete Promo Code Uber

A discount code for Uber that you no longer need can be removed from the app by following these instructions: Go to the “Promotions” menu on your Uber app first.

How to delete Uber eats promo code

Click on “Promo Code” in the “Promotions” section of the uber app. Delete a promotional code to clear your browser’s cache and history.

sorry you’re not eligible to use this promotion uber eats

Please contact Uber customer service if you believe the problem is not with your discount code.

Too many requests Uber Eats promo code

There is now a code in place.
The code you entered is either invalid or expired.
No end to the inquiries
The promotion is not applicable to this account.
Activation of this code is not possible on this device.

How to use Uber Eats promo code more than once

Select “Promotions” and then “Add promo”; then type in the code and press the “Add promo” button to save it.

Sorry you’re not eligible to use this promotion please unselect the promotion to continue

Uber Eats telling you that you’re ineligible for a free meal is the last thing you want to see when trying to redeem a promo code.

Unselect promotion to Continue Uber

Open the Uber app and tap the menu bar in the upper left corner of the screen to get to the options menu.
Then click “Promotions” on the left-hand side of the page.
Select “Remove” from the drop-down menu for the code you want to remove.

Promotion redemption limit exceeded Uber

For the discount to take effect, you must input the coupon code prior to departure. A promotional offer’s validity can be limited to a specified time period or region.

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