How To Delete Pokemon Platinum Save File 2022

Best Answer, How To Delete Pokemon Platinum Save File To delete your game completely, choose “YES.” Once you say yes, Pokémon Platinum will start over, and all of your past game progress will be lost. Restart Pokémon Platinum. Press “Start” on the title screen to go to the game menu after the game has loaded again. Congratulations

How To Delete Pokemon Platinum Save File?

Click “Yes” if you want to get rid of your game entirely. After you have given your approval, Pokémon Platinum will restart, and whatever prior progress you had made will be lost. Restart Pokémon Platinum. Pressing “Start” on the game’s title screen will take you to the game menu once the game has finished reloading. Congratulations!

Pokemon Platinum cheats

Cheat Code Crew @ GBAtemp & Codejunkies Credits: Max Cash (Press L+R) Max Coins (Press L+R) Capture Trainer Pokemon (Press L+R) Capture Trainer Pokemon (Press L+R) Shiny Pokemon can be found in the wild (Credit: Kenobi)

How to reset // pokemon Platinum on desmume

Load Pokémon Platinum on your Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS/2DS.

Make a simultaneous press on the UP, SELECT, and B buttons.

To verify, make sure to click “Yes” twice.

Reboot Pokémon Platinum to start over.

Pokemon Platinum walkthrough

Arceus, the Pokémon Legends game, has now been made available to the general public. What you are about to read is a comprehensive guide for Pokémon Platinum on the Nintendo DS.

How to delete save game in drastic

Simple: While at the title screen, simultaneously hit the Up button, the Select button, and the B button. After that, it will inquire whether you want to delete your saved file. You will be able to continue playing even if you try to begin a new game without first removing the previous save file from your computer. You simply won’t be able to save your progress in the game.

How to delete save file Pokémon Diamond

If you are currently playing a game, exit the current game and navigate to the Home Menu. You can access the screen for configuring the system by either touching the button located above the screen or making use of the directional buttons. To manage your data, select the Data Management tab in the System Settings menu. Under Data Management, select Delete Save Data.

How to restart Pokemon Pearl game

Stop playing the game and navigate to the home screen of your Nintendo Switch.

To access the System Settings menu, click on it.

From there, navigate to the Data Management menu and select “Delete Save Data” from the bottom of the page.

How to restart a Pokemon game on DS

Regrettably, Pokemon games only permit a single save file to be stored on each individual game card. In order to initiate a new save file, you will first need to delete all of the data that was previously stored. At the main menu, you can accomplish this by pressing UP, B, and X. There will be multiple opportunities for you to confirm the deletion of the data before it is done permanently.

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