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How to delete page background in wix

Best Answer, How to delete page background in wix To return to the “HOME” page, click on it. Activate the block labelled “Page Background.” “Background image” has been removed. Press the “Publish Button” to publish the document.

How to delete page background in wix

In the Editor, choose the strip you want to edit. Change the background of the strip by clicking on it.
Change the backdrop to something else.

How to Change Background in Wix

Open the appropriate page in your Editor by clicking on it. To change the background, choose the Background icon on the left.

Select a color by clicking on it. Make the necessary changes to the required shade in your Theme Colors, or choose a new color using the Color Picker. Add a new item by clicking on it.

Wix background image

Navigate to the appropriate page in your Editor. On the left-hand side of the Editor, choose Background from the drop-down menu.

To see the image, click here. (This is done through the Media Manager.) On the left-hand side, choose Site Files. Choose the picture that will serve as the backdrop for your page.

Change the background by selecting it from the drop-down menu in the bottom right.

(Optional) To apply the backdrop to other pages of your website, choose Apply to Other Pages from the drop-down menu.

How to delete a strip in Wix

In the Editor, choose the strip with the columns by clicking on it. Select Manage Columns from the drop-down menu. Select a column from the Pick a column drop-down menu. Delete the file by clicking on the Delete icon.

Wix background image size

The suggested background picture size for Wix sites is 1250 x 800 pixels, or any size greater than that with the same proportions as the recommended background image size.

Wix strip background video

These are excellent since they auto-play on desktop computers, giving the website movement. However, if you use video backgrounds on Wix (or any other website for that matter), they will not play on mobile devices (and videos will also not have sound if used as a video backdrop on a mobile device). When you utilize backdrop movies for strips or page backgrounds in Wix, the app will only show the first Image Still from the video on mobile devices, according to the company.

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