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How to delete osrs character 2022

Best answer How to delete osrs character Create a new account instead of reactivating an old one. Characters and progress are not deleted by Jagex. It is possible to completely delete your account if you are willing to wait up to three months for the procedure to be completed. While it would allow you to use the same login, it would also destroy your account.

How to delete character osrs

RuneScape character reset is possible.
You must first talk with the Guardian of Guthix in the Grove of Guthix in order to complete this task.
Reset your personality and begin over with him.

OSRS delete account

Your RuneScape account might be deleted for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’ve had enough of the game, want to create a new account with the same email address, or just want to quit playing altogether.

Your RuneScape or OSRS account cannot be completely deleted. It all depends on why you deleted your account in the first place.

OSRS how to make a new character

As Link said, there is absolutely no need for an additional character. Everything in the game may be done by a single character, from completing all missions to gaining all of the game’s talents. What’s the point of having two?

How to delete RuneScape character Steam

Your reasons for wanting to quit playing might range from boredom to just changing your email address. RuneScape and OSRS accounts can’t be completely deleted.

Osrs remake character

RuneScape’s Makeover function enables players to alter the look of their characters after selecting it in the tutorial. After the lesson, there are many locations where you may customise your character’s look.

Runescape reset character

In RuneScape, you have the option of resetting your character.

You must first contact the Account Management staff and request a character reset to achieve this.
All of your character’s data will have to be deleted and replaced with a new one after your request has been authorised.

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