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How to delete orders from your amazon history

Best Answer, How to delete orders from your amazon history Removing an item from your Amazon browsing history is as simple as clicking the “Remove from view” button underneath the item. Amazon Prime Video viewing history may also be deleted.

How to delete orders from your amazon history

You may delete things from your Amazon browsing history by clicking the Remove from view button next to each item, or you can go to Manage history > Remove all items from view.

How to permanently delete Amazon order history

Go to your purchase history on Amazon. Add, remove, or conceal the order you wish. The option to remove it may be found at the bottom of the page. Finally, you’ve successfully canceled your Amazon purchase.

Go to your account and choose the secret order menu option to view the list of orders that aren’t visible to the public.

How to delete Amazon order list

Select the list you wish to remove from Your Lists. Select the three dots menu and choose Manage Lists from the drop-down menu. Select Delete List to remove the items from the list. Choose yes.

How to archive orders on Amazon app

Go to “Your Orders” To archive an order, locate it in the Orders section and click the Archive button. Tap the “Archive order” button next to the order you’d want to remove from your account. To transfer your Amazon order to the archive, tap “Archive order” again.

How to delete Amazon order history on iPhone

In the app, you have the option to remove your Amazon purchase history. Tap “more” at the bottom of your screen and choose “Order History” after you’ve placed an order on the Amazon iPhone or Amazon Android app. Delete purchases by swiping to the right on them in the order list.

Amazon deleted my order history

There is, in fact, no way to completely remove your order history. Even if you remove your Amazon account, the company will still be able to trace all of your purchases. However, you do have choices.

How to hide Amazon orders from family

Hover over Account & Lists > Your Account and click on Orders to archive an order. When you’ve found the order you’d want to conceal, click Archive Order to remove it. The item will be hidden from display in your order history as a result of this action.

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