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How to delete or change RealMojis on BeReal in 1 Click

Best Answer, How to delete or change RealMojis on BeReal Launch the BeReal app, go to the appropriate post, then tap the smiling face in the app’s lower-right corner to access the RealMoji library.
Keep tapping and holding the RealMoji you wish to get rid of until a delete button appears in the top right corner of it. To erase any of the RealMojis, just click the X in the upper-right corner of the box, and they will be removed.

How to change a Realmoji on BeReal app

To see the RealMojis, choose the smiling face in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Keep tapping and holding the RealMojis until the symbol of the cross in a black circle emerges. Simply choose the RealMoji you do not wish to keep and then click the X symbol that appears next to it. Your RealMoji has been removed at this time.

How to delete BeReal account

Open BeReal app. You may access your profile by clicking on the DP that is shown in the upper right corner.
Simply choose the three dots located in the upper right corner. Scroll down and click the “help” icon when you get there.
On the page that offers support, there is a link labeled Contact us. Make sure you click on it. To permanently delete your account, click the button below.

After that, a page similar to the one shown below will appear. Mark it with a checkmark if there is a specific reason you wish to get rid of the account. If you are not interested, there is no need to check the box. Then choose the option that says yes, I’m sure. Then, confirm one again. Done.

How to delete realmojis

Move Your Mouse Over The Picture. Select the Emojis menu option. Keep your finger on the Realmoji you want to change. The Realmoji should be deleted. Click the New One button.

How to remove realmojis

You can access the RealMoji view by double-tapping on a BeReal, and then you may press and hold on the RealMoji that you wish to alter. As soon as they start to tremble, Edit Mode will be activated for them. You just need to touch the one you want to get rid of, and you’ll be able to get another one to take its place.

To delete a RealMoji, first enter the RealMoji view by double-tapping on a BeReal, then press and hold on the RealMoji you wish to remove. After then, a ring of the color red will show up on the realmoji that you picked. The realmoji will be removed from your account if you click on it a second time.

Double-tap on a BeReal to access the RealMoji view, then touch and hold on the RealMoji you wish to remove or modify to make the necessary changes. This is the process to follow if you need to alter or delete BeReal RealMojis on your Android phone. After then, the symbol of a cross will show up on one of the realmoji’s sides.

BeReal not only offers you the chance to distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd, but it also provides you with the ability to customize your profile in a manner that is congruent with your own tastes. Your Realmojis and your username may be modified at any time, according to your whims and preferences, and the changes will take effect immediately.

Within the BeReal app, find the post that you want to delete, and then hit the three dots that are situated to the right of the location and time.
To delete your BeReal account, you will need to choose the Delete my BeReal option that appears in the pop-up window that shows your current location.
Click the “Delete my BeReal” button after you have done answering the questions in the quick survey about why you want to delete the post. The survey will ask you why you want to remove the post.

After tapping the icon of a smiling face that is shown on a BeReal post, keep your finger pushed down on the lightning bolt that is displayed at the bottom of the screen while the camera is active (you probably see your face in it). This will take a photo of you at that same moment so that it may be used as a Realmoji on the specific BeReal post that you are commenting on.

When someone takes a screenshot of a user’s photo that was uploaded to BeReal, the app will send a brief notice to that user in the form of an icon that is placed next to the image that was screenshotted. If the user is accessing the picture with an Android device, the icon will be situated on the top right of the image; however, if the user is accessing the image with an iPhone, the icon will be located on the bottom right of the image.

On BeReal, anytime a screenshot of your profile is taken by another user, a special icon will appear next to your profile image to let you know. Until you have first shared your photo using the BeReal iPhone app, you will not be able to discover who took a screenshot of your BeReal image.

A unique symbol will display next to your image whenever a screenshot of your BeReal is taken. If you want to know who took a screenshot of your BeReal picture on the iPhone app, you’ll have to share it first.

Keep in mind that you may only erase your BeReal once each day. After publishing a status update, you may choose to remove it from public view by clicking the “Delete” button. Sharing a BeReal post, deleting it, and then sharing it again will result in the second shared post being permanently deleted.

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