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How to delete my disabled google account 2022

Best answer How to delete my disabled google account  Tap on the Google Account that you want to remove after going to Settings > Accounts and selecting the account you want to delete from the list. Tap the Delete Account option after scrolling down the page. If you repeat the previous step and tap Delete when requested, the Google account will be deleted from your device.

How to delete my disabled google account

How can I remove a Google account that has been disabled? Sign in with the account’s email address and password to access the DeleteAccount link at https://accounts.google.com/DeleteAccount. Select “delete your account or services” after logging in.

Google account disabled due to age

It is possible to have a parent use their Google account to set up supervision so that you may continue using your account if you are under the age of 18. If you don’t activate supervision within 14 days after entering your birthday, your account will be disabled.

How to delete a disabled Google account on computer

On a Windows 10 laptop, navigate to Settings > Accounts > Your Account in order to delete a Google account. Remove the Google account by clicking on it and selecting it.

How to restore disabled Google account

Request that your account be restored. Using a web browser such as Chrome, log in to your Google Account. You may do this by selecting the option to Request Review. Pay attention to the directions.

How to delete Google account from phone

Go to the Settings app on your phone.

Then click Passwords & accounts.
Tap the account you’d want to delete from the “Accounts for” section.
Tap Remove account to confirm your action….
You’ll need to enter your phone’s pattern, PIN, or password if this is your sole Google Account on the phone.

How to remove Google account from Gmail

Take a look at your Gmail.

Select “Manage Accounts” and then “Edit” from the menu (three stacked lines).
Remove the account by clicking the “Remove” button next to it and confirming your decision.
“Done” may be found in the upper left of the screen.

How to delete a disabled Google account on iPhone

If you wish to remove a Google account that has been deactivated from your iPhone, you must first delete the account itself. Settings -> Accounts -> Google Accounts and touch on the account that has to be removed. Delete your account by going to the bottom and clicking on it.

Gmail account disabled how to enable

Go to Chrome and log in to your Google Account.

Select Request Review from the drop-down menu.
Do as instructed.

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