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How to delete my account on zoosk 2022

Best Answer, How to delete my account on Zoosk Go to www.zoosk.com in your web browser and log in to delete your Zoosk account. Then, click on your profile picture, and from the drop-down menu, choose Account Settings. Click Edit next to “Account Status,” and then click Deactivate. Click “Deactivate” to confirm your choice, and then tell Zoosk why you’re leaving.

How to delete my account on Zoosk

Go to www.zoosk.com, sign in to your Zoosk account, and begin browsing.
On the left side of the screen, choose Settings from the menu.
Select Account Status from the drop-down menu under Account.

Deactivate your account by clicking on the Deactivate Account button.

Selecting Deactivate at the screen’s base will end the process. An acknowledgment page will appear when you click this.

Select Deactivate Your Zoosk Account to confirm your decision.

How to delete Zoosk account on iPhone

The cogwheel symbol is located near your name in the upper-left corner of the page.

Select “Account” from the drop-down menu.

Select a Status for your Account.

Click on the Deactivate Account link.

At the very bottom of the page, click Deactivate.

How to delete a Zoosk account from your phone

Using your Android phone, go to the Zoosk app and sign in.

The 3 lines menu may be found in the upper left of the screen.

Near your nickname, tap the gear icon.

Tap the account.

Select your Account Status by tapping the pencil next to it.

After you’ve selected Deactivate, you’ll be given more information on how to proceed.

Zoosk won’t let me deactivate

Signing up and creating a profile on Zoosk, a dating app, is free. You can’t take your account down after you’ve signed up for it. By removing your profile, which can be done through the settings tab on your profile page, you can no longer use the app

Zoosk desktop site Delete account

Go to www.zoosk.com in your web browser and sign in to remove your Zoosk account. Select Account Settings from the drop-down menu by clicking on your profile image. Click Edit, then Deactivate, next to “Account Status.” Click Deactivate to confirm your decision, and then let Zoosk know why you’re quitting.

Contact Zoosk to delete account

Make sure you’ve logged in, then go over to the settings page. Deactivate your account by clicking the deactivate option in the “account status” column. Your Zoosk account will be permanently terminated if you submit an email to Zoosk’s customer support requesting that your account be cancelled.

How to cancel Zoosk subscription on Android

Go to t.zoosk.com on your mobile browser and sign in to your Zoosk account. Tap on the three lines in the upper left. Simply click the Cancel Subscription button and proceed as directed.

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