How To Delete Marco Polo Video 2022

Best Answer How To Delete Marco Polo Video Go to the conversation that has the video or Polo that you want to delete. Find the thumbnail for Polo at the bottom of the list of videos. Tap and keep your finger there. Tap the Delete button. Tap “Delete for sure.” This will take the Polo out of the conversation on both sides.

How To Delete Marco Polo Video

You can do this by going to the discussion where the video or Polo that you wish to remove is contained.
Look for the Polo thumbnail near the bottom of the list of videos. That thumbnail can be tapped and held.
It’s time to get rid of this Polo.
Select the Delete option and then press the Confirm Delete button. The Polo will be removed from the conversation on both sides.

How to delete a Marco Polo video on iphone

The Polo thumbnail *iOS *Android may be held down by squeezing it. Choose ‘Delete/Remove’ from the context menu to get rid of the item. This will permanently delete the Polo you recorded for you and the other participants in the discussion. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are both supported.

How to delete all Marco Polo videos at once

Tap the Delete button; then, tap the Confirm button. ; Step 1. Tap Forward; Step 2. Tap More; Step 3. Tap Save Video.

If I delete Marco Polo app will i lose everything

Your account will be permanently deleted if you choose to delete it. Removing any traces of Polos from your life. You will be removed from any groups you have joined.

How to retrieve deleted Marco Polo Video

It is possible to access old Polos for free if they are at least 30 days old. At the very least, it will take up to 24 hours to retrieve an archived chat. Only those who have access to Polos will be able to see them.

If I block someone on Marco Polo will they know

Your Polos, who can see them, and more are all covered here. How do I prevent someone from contacting me? Why did I not invite some of these people? How do you define “Active status”

How to recover Marco Polo account

Most Polos that are more than 30 days old are archived for Free users to conserve storage space. When you archive your Polos, they are not permanently lost and can be accessed again at a later date. At least 24 hours will be needed to restore a chat. For Plus subscribers, Polos are not archived. Go to the conversation archive and tap the “Restore Polos” option to gain access to archived Polos.

How long are Marco Polo videos

To keep your Polos, you must use the app for at least a year before you decide to erase them. Chats that haven’t been opened for more than 365 days are the only ones that are permanently removed.

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