How To Delete Marco Polo App Account 2022

Best Answer, How To Delete Marco Polo App Account We’re sorry to hear that you might leave Marco Polo ®, but if you do, don’t worry. We’ll always be here for you.

How To Delete Marco Polo App Account?

We are sad to hear that you are thinking of quitting Marco Polo ®, but if you do decide to leave, you don’t need to worry about us because we will always be here.

If I delete Marco Polo app will i lose everything

When you delete your account, your profile on Marco Polo will be removed completely and irretrievably. Delete all of the Polos you’ve ever owned. You will be removed from any groups that you have joined.

How to permanently delete Marco Polo

If you delete your account, any Polos that you have already sent will not be deleted instantly. Before you can cancel your account, you will need to go back through and erase any Polos that you’ve sent that you don’t want others to see.

How do I get my old Marco Polo account back

To gain access to archived Polos, simply navigate to the chat’s archive and select the “Restore Polos” button when you are there.

How to delete all Marco Polo videos at once

Step 3. Touch the Delete this Polo button. Step 4. Touch the Confirm Delete button. Step 1. Touch the Forward button. Step 2. Touch the More button. Step 3. Touch the Save Video button.

How to delete a Marco Polo video on iphone

Keep your finger pressed firmly on the Polo thumbnail when using iOS or Android. Choose ‘Delete/Remove’ from the menu to get rid of something. This will delete the Polo that you recorded for good for all participants in the conversation, including yourself. *iOS *Android.

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