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How to delete listing on poshmark on computer

Best Answer, How to delete listing on Poshmark on the computer, From your phone or tablet, open the Poshmark app. The Account tab is at the bottom right corner when the app is open. Click on it. Go to the bottom of the menu and choose Poshmark’s Customer Service.

In the next step, click “Manage Account Status. Choose “Delete My Account.” An email or phone number verification code may show up in a pop-up window here. “Enter” it and then choose “Submit.” . In the drop-down menu, choose why you want to delete your Poshmark account.

It’s number 8. Then choose “Delete My Account.” The pop-up screen says “Yes.” You should choose “Yes.” Then, your Poshmark account will be closed.

You can use a computer to delete your Poshmark account. Go to Poshmark’s Delete User page in your favorite web browser.

If you’re asked, sign in. Dropdown menu: Choose why you want to delete your account, and then click “Delete My Account.”

. The pop-up screen says “Yes.” You should choose “Yes.” Finally, click “Log Out.” Your account is now gone. Make sure you choose “Logout” to leave.

how to delete listing on Poshmark on computer

Go to the listing and click on “Delete this item” in the upper right corner of the screen to remove it from the site’s current listings.

poshmark can’t delete the listing

Users of Poshmark may buy and sell clothing and accessories with other users using a social shopping application.
It is not possible for anybody to delete their listings on Poshmark in order to safeguard the firm from scammers.

How to delete a listing on the Poshmark app

Poshmark should be opened.
Select the listing you want to remove from the list.
Select Edit from the drop-down menu.
Select Delete Listing from the drop-down menu. Success Stories from our readers.

How to delete a Poshmark account

Go to the Account Tab (@username) and sign in.
Select the Poshmark Support Center from the drop-down menu.
Select Manage Account Status from the drop-down menu.
Select Delete My Account from the drop-down menu.

How to delete multiple listings on Poshmark

Holding down the CTRL key while clicking on each item you wish to delete will allow you to delete numerous things at the same time. And then you may erase them all at the same time by pressing the Delete key.

How to delete a photo on Poshmark

Your Poshmark listing photographs are undoubtedly the most crucial decision element since they allow consumers to view all of the information of your listings in one glance.

Poshmark deleted my listing after it sold

If you feel your listing has been deleted in error, please respond to the email notification you got in order to file an appeal against the removal of your property from the market. An appeal will be received and reviewed by a member of the team. A marketplace for clothes and accessories, as well as for new beauty items and select home goods, Poshmark was founded in 2010.

Poshmark sold listings

Because sold listings serve as a record of prior transactions, Poshmark does not delete sold listings at this time, even if the order has been canceled. Once a listing has been sold, it will no longer be available for purchase by another user.

How does Poshmark work?

Poshmark is an online marketplace for those who want to buy and sell used apparel and accessories. The majority of the things for sale on Posh are in excellent condition or like new.

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