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How to delete kik account without email access

Best Answer, How to delete kik account without email access By clicking on the three dots at the upper right of the app’s ‘Profile’ area, you may erase your Kik account. Select “Yes, delete my account” when prompted. You’ll get an SMS asking for confirmation if your account is linked to a phone number.

How to delete kik account without email access

Using the Kik App, deactivate your Kik account. Use the Kik App to delete your account. Now, open your email and click on the link that was sent to you to permanently erase your Kik account. Connect your account and erase the shortcut after downloading the KidsGuard software on your target’s device to spy on them secretly.

can’t delete kik account

To deactivate your Kik account, go to this page. Click “Go” after entering your email address. Follow the URL Kik provides you in your email and click “Deactivate.”

How to delete Kik account on iPhone

In a web browser, type in https://ws.kik.com/delete.Enter the username you’d like to use. Input the email address linked to your Kik account here. Select a reason for leaving Kik from the drop-down. Make sure the box is ticked. Tap the Go! button. Verify the email address linked to your Kik account. Take a look at Kik’s message in your inbox. Activate Permanently.

How to delete Kik account Android

A web browser is required to use the Kik account deactivation facility. If you have a Kik account, log in using your username and email address.

Specify a reason why you’re resigning from Kik here. To permanently delete your account, check the box that says so. Check your email by clicking the Go button.

How to delete Kik messages on both ends

You must delete Kik messages on both the sender’s and the recipient’s smartphones in order to remove them.

You may erase messages by selecting them and using the “Delete” button if you are the sender.

You may erase messages by accessing them and pressing the “Delete” button for the recipient.

How do I delete my Kik account on my phone

Your account may be deleted permanently by visiting Kik’s website on your phone or PC. Your phone’s Help section may help you find a link to delete your account by entering “delete account” into the search box.

Does Kik delete inactive accounts

After a certain length of time, Kik accounts that have not been used in a while are terminated.

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