How to delete Instagram message permanently 2022

Best answer How to delete Instagram message permanently It appears like a paper aircraft if you touch on the message symbol in the upper right corner of Instagram. Tap the symbol in the top-right corner that appears like a bulleted list on the messages page. After swiping through all the chats, hit Erase in the bottom-right corner to delete them all at once

How to delete Instagram message permanently

Pulling down on a message while it is still in your inbox will allow you to unsubscribe from it. You’ll notice a “unsend” option; if you choose to use it, you’ll be prompted to confirm your choice before the text is deleted from your phone’s storage (though not from Messenger or WhatsApp).

How to delete messages on Instagram from both sides

Yes, it is possible.
To remove a message from your Instagram feed.
Navigate to the message and click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the chat window to close the conversation.
From the drop-down option that appears, choose “Delete Message.”

why won’t instagram let me delete messages

Simply hold down the “Send” button while tapping on “Unsend.” This will remove a message from both sides, which means that the person who you sent it to will no longer be able to read it. That’s all there is to it! The communication will be erased on both sides of the exchange.

If you delete Instagram messages does it delete it for the other person

Select the message icon in the Instagram app from the top-right corner of the screen. Locate the chat you want to remove on the “Chats” tab that appears. In order to remove the chat from your iPhone, swipe left on it and choose “Delete.” If you’re using an Android device, touch and hold the chat until the menu appears, then choose “Delete.”

why won’t instagram let me end a group chat

A communication will no longer be displayed in your inbox after it has been removed from the list. Take note that this will simply remove the chat from your view; the conversation will continue to appear for everyone else who was part of the conversation.

How to delete group messages on Instagram

It is possible that you may not be able to remove your Instagram chat: It’s possible that you utilised the unsend tool excessively during a specific discussion, which is why Instagram couldn’t remove the conversation.
It’s conceivable that the other person with whom you had the communication reported the chat for some reason, and it’s probable that you won’t be able to erase the talk in this situation.

How to delete all messages on Instagram 2021

Select the group chat that you wish to remove from the list. To access the menu, look for the three dots in the upper right corner of your screen and touch them to open it. In the “More” area of your screen, choose Delete Group Chat from the drop-down menu. If you still wish to cancel this group conversation, confirm your decision by selecting Delete Group Chat once again in the pop-up box that displays.

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