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How To Delete Hbo Go History Permanently

Best Answer How To Delete Hbo Go History Permanently Access your account’s information by selecting the profile picture (it is located on lower right corner on mobile app and upper right corner on computer browser) Here, just click the “Keep Watching” button. Plus, choose the Edit tab (located on right side of screen) To remove a TV program or movie from your library, click the “X” to its right.
Just hit the “Done” button when you’re done. Take note that your HBO GO viewing history will be erased from all of your devices if you delete it from one.

How to delete HBO Max history on TV

Media player: Select Your Profile (located in the top left), then Continue Viewing, and finally Edit. Check the boxes next to the things you wish to delete, or click Clear All to delete everything.

HBO Max viewing history

When you start viewing a show or movie on HBO Max, the service will remember where you left off. The Continue Watching section will be updated with any movies or TV series that you haven’t completed. Your Continue Watching list is unique to your profile. This allows you to pick up where you left off in a TV show or movie.

How to remove for you on HBO Max

Input device for televisions: Select Your Profile (located at top left), then Continue Viewing, and finally, Edit. Simply choose the item(s) you want to delete, or click Clear All to delete everything.

HBO continue watching not working

Any programs or films that you haven’t completed will be saved in your Continue Watching queue. Individual profiles may have their own individual Continue Watching lists.

HBO Max remove continue watching Roku

Media player: Go to your profile settings by clicking on your name in the top left corner, then selecting Continue Watching, and finally selecting Edit. To delete anything, either click the checkbox next to it or the Clear All button.

HBO Max Continue watching on TV

Launch your browser and go to the HBO Max login page.
You may access your account by clicking the gear button in the upper right corner.
When prompted, choose “My Stuff” from the option that displays.
For more, choose Keep Watching.
If you choose another option, a new menu will pop up. To make changes, use the “Edit” tab at the top.
You may see a comprehensive list of the shows or movies you’ve begun playing. A “Delete” button will appear across each thumbnail. To get rid of a title, just click on it. To be repeated as often as required.
Select “Clear everything” at the top of the screen to remove anything from the Continue Watching list.
When you are finished checking things off the list, choose “Done.”

How to restart a series on HBO Max

The movie or episode description screen will now load again.
Select the icon labeled “Restart” to do so. Playback of the media presentation will commence from the very beginning.

to make changes, use the “Edit” tab at the top. Every movie or show that you’ve begun will be shown here. A “Delete” button will appear across each thumbnail.

For your convenience, HBO Max automatically resumes viewing from the last place you left off in your most recently seen episodes and movies. In order to take up where you left off, choose the program from the Continue Watching row on the Home page.

The Maximum Capacity of HBO. There is currently no option to review your viewing history in HBO Max. However, the service will add any movies or TV shows that you haven’t yet watched to the Continue Watching section of the main menu.

How do I clear my continue watching

Select a program or movie in the Continue Watching row to see its information page. Choose Options > Remove from Continue Watching from the main menu.