How to delete chats off of groupme

Best Answer, How to delete chats off of GroupMe Select the group or one-on-one chat you want. From the top of your group, or from the top of a one-on-one chat. Make sure that “Clear Chat History.” Clear or say “Yes” to make sure.

How to delete chats off of groupme

Open the GroupMe app on your phone or tablet and begin a conversation with your group.

Tap or click on the conversation history you wish to erase to open it up and begin the process of deleting it.

“Settings” may be found in the menu by clicking on the chat image.

Tap or click “Clear Chat History” in the “Settings” menu.

You’ll get a pop-up message to that effect. In order to confirm your decision, click “Clear” and your chat history is permanently wiped from your device.

How to delete GroupMe chats on Android

Make sure you have the GroupMe app installed on your phone.

Tap or click to access the conversation history you wish to remove.

Go to “Settings” by selecting the chat image.

Tap or click on “Clear Chat History” in the “Settings” menu.

When you click OK, a confirmation dialog box will appear.

why can’t i delete messages on groupme

Think carefully before you press the “Send” button on your GroupMe messages. Clearing your chat history or hiding the messages isn’t the same as deleting them. In order to remove a complete discussion, you must first delete it from a group (but only the one you’ve formed).

How to delete GroupMe messages on Iphone

A communication has been deleted or hidden in GroupMe. What should I do?

If you wish to remove a message from a conversation, choose the chat.

You may erase a message by tapping and holding on it or by clicking the three dots adjacent to it.

Select Delete, and then select Delete one again.

Does clearing chat history on GroupMe clear it for everyone

Does GroupMe’s clearing of chat history affect everyone? It’s not. If you wipe your GroupMe conversation history, it will just be gone from your phone. Messages sent by other participants in the discussion will remain visible to them.

How to delete GroupMe group

Tap on the group’s name in its title bar to remove it. Open the menu and choose “Delete Group” from the list of available actions. As a normal member, you have no power to remove yourself from a group, but you do have the choice to leave.

GroupMe chat history

You may choose to join a group or an individual chat.

In order to access the group or contact’s settings, pick the group or contact’s avatar (profile image).

In a one-to-one discussion, tap the avatar to see the Settings menu on your iPad’s home screen.

Simply choose “Clear Chat History.”

To confirm, choose either Clear or Yes. All of your previous chats will be deleted.

Can admin delete GroupMe messages

In a long-awaited update to Microsoft’s GroupMe software, the ability to erase transmitted messages has finally been made available. Beta versions of iOS, Android and Windows 10 (UWP) are currently available, and the functionality is expected to go into production within the next few weeks. Insiders of Windows 10 are using a version 2.50.

Recover deleted GroupMe messages

Closed folders may be seen in a left-hand sidebar when you open any mailbox. Click on the Recently Deleted link at the bottom of the Closed folder. When you click on a discussion, a preview of the deleted message will appear. To get back into the chat, all you have to do is click the Restore Conversation button.

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