How To Delete Bereal Post On Android 2022

How To Delete Bereal Post On Android 2022

Best Answer, How To Delete Bereal Post On Android Click the “…” button next to “Add a Caption” in the main feed to erase your most recent BeReal post. This “…” option may display under the post timestamp if you’ve previously contributed a caption.

In the information tab, you can see the number of comments, emojis, and retakes, as well as the location where you took the picture. Use the “Options” button at the bottom right corner of your article to remove it. Select “Delete my BeReal.”

Delete my BeReal takes you to a survey where you’ll be asked why you’re removing your picture. Make your choice and then click the “Yes, I’m sure” option at the bottom of the page to confirm your decision.

Your most recent post will be erased if you tap “Delete” once more on the final confirmation window. You and your friends can no longer see the deleted picture in your BeReal stream. In the event that you haven’t already done so, you will be asked to publish a BeReal.

Only one BeReal picture per day may be deleted. Deleting an image from your daily BeReal and then re-taking it will block the delete option. So don’t do the same mistake again.

How To Delete Bereal Post On Android

If you are using an Android smartphone and want to remove a picture from BeReal, then follow this method.You Can delete only 1 Photo On Bereal and Upload another.Bereal will send you a notification. In just two minutes you will have uploaded two photos.

  1. Click the three dots on the right side of the uploaded image.

2. After that, click Delete my BeReal.

3. Choose a reason for removing your picture from BeReal. It is voluntary.

4. Now click On My BeReal Delete.

How To Screenshot Someone BeReal Post Without Knowing

Open the BeReal app. Then, without telling them, you took a picture of their BeReal post. Stop sending and receiving data over the network. In the same way, if you are using Wi-Fi, turn it off.

Go to the BeReal app and take a picture of a post by someone. Then turn off the BeReal app permanently. It’s not enough to just cut back. Make sure the app is completely turned off. Start Internet Data or WiFi back up again. Then, turn BeReal on.

No one will know whose BeReal post you took a screenshot of if you do this. Also, they don’t know if anyone took a photo of their BeReal post.

Screenrecording You can take a picture with the BeReal app by pressing the record button on the screen of your phone. Any video editor can be used to freeze a frame of what you want to take a screenshot of. Your friend won’t see the symbol if you record your screen instead of taking a screenshot.

A piece of a screenshot Since the BeReal stream is a continuous feed, it’s possible that your friend won’t notice if you take a part of it as a screenshot. When I took a screenshot of my friend’s post, for example, less than half of the picture was in focus. She couldn’t see the screenshot I took.

To get around this problem, switch the main picture with the front-facing picture, then take a partial screenshot of the smaller picture and zoom in after.

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