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How to delete an offer on offerup

Best Answer, How to delete an offer on offerupSelect Inbox from the drop-down menu. Check to see that you are in the Messages tab. Locate and tap the Messages conversation in order to locate the item you want to cancel or delete. Select View offer from the drop-down menu. Then tap Cancel offer a second time to confirm your decision.

How to delete an offer on offerup

Take a look at OfferUp on your mobile device. You may identify it by the green and white “OfferUp” price tag symbol on the home screen, which reads “OfferUp.”

Select the Offers option from the menu that appears. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the price-tag symbol.

To remove an item, just tap on it. You’ll see a drop-down option appear. Select Archive from the File menu. There will be a confirmation message.

Take the next step by pressing the Continue button. Any communications you’ve exchanged about this item have been archived.

How to remove item from offerup-on iphone

The item is stored with a checkmark on the right side of the board. To delete an item from a board, tap the board(s) with a checkbox next to them.

Offer up cancelation

To unsubscribe from OfferUp. Make sure you launch the OfferUp app and choose the Settings option. Choose “Manage Subscription” and then “Cancel Subscription” from the drop-down menu that appears.

How to refund on OfferUp

You may get your money back the same way you paid for it on OfferUp, which is a cash-based business. After the transaction date, the seller has three days to give a refund; otherwise, OfferUp has the last say on whether or not they will issue a refund.

OfferUp purchase keeps cancelling

If the seller hasn’t reacted to your shipping offer, you have 24 hours to withdraw your offer. Refusal to accept an offer Take a look at your Inbox. Check to see whether you’re in the Messages section first. Find and touch the Messages discussion where the item you want to cancel is located and press it. Tap the Offers button to see what’s currently available. Then tap Cancel offer again to complete the cancellation.

Cancel order after offer accepted

Unless the buyer agrees or there is an issue with the address, the only way you may cancel is to gain the buyer’s permission. Defects may be quite damaging to your credit rating, so avoid doing anything else.

Make a copy of every email he sends to ebay complaining about the delivery method.

How do I know if my offer was accepted on OfferUp

You can view a buyer’s offer information by tapping View Offer in your messages. You may either accept or reject the offer. When you accept a buyer’s offer, they are obligated to pay you.

How to cancel OfferUp Promote Plus

After logging into your Apple ID and choosing “Subscriptions” in iTunes or the App Store, you’ll be able to cancel your subscription. You may cancel your subscription at the Google Play Store by logging into your Google Play Store account.

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