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How to delete an ad on gumtree 2022

Best Answer, How to delete an ad on gumtree To begin, establish an online presence. Go to the “My Ads” page and then choose the ad you want to remove after logging in. After that, click the “Delete Ad” button one more time to confirm your decision.

At the very top of every Gumtree page, you’ll see a tab labelled “My Gumtree.” Edit, remove or boost your ad by clicking on the “My Ads” page. After clicking “edit,” you’ll be sent to a page called “post ad,” where you can make changes to your ad and promote it.

How to delete an ad on gumtree

You have to log into your Gumtree account before you can remove a sold item. After logging in, go to the “My Ads” page and choose the ad you want to remove from the list that appears. The next step is to click the “Delete Ad” button and then click it again to confirm your choice.

How to mark item as sold on Gumtree

What is the best way to indicate an item as sold on Gumtree? It is necessary to first make a listing for the item on Gumtree before it can be marked as “sold.” Once the listing has been established, you may go to the listing page and click the “Sold” button.

How to delete Gumtree account

Go to https://gumtree.com and create an account.

Hover your cursor over your name.
Select My Information from the drop-down menu.
Deactivate your account by selecting it from the drop-down menu.
Select a reason by clicking on it and then clicking Deactivate.

How to change category on Gumtree ad

Once a Gumtree ad has been created, it is not possible to modify the category. Changing the category of an advertisement will need a new posting of the advertisement.

How does Gumtree work

In addition to being a website (and an app), Gumtree is a marketplace where you can sell and buy used (and occasionally new) items. What are the benefits of using Gumtree? If you have an old item that has been collecting dust in your garage, you can advertise it on Gumtree for free, locate buyers, and complete the transaction.

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