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How to delete all tiktok videos at the same time 2022

Restarting and refreshing is an important practice. Maybe you want to rebrand and your videos aren’t cutting it. Maybe you and your TikTok partner broke up and you don’t want to alter your account name. It shows you how to erase all videos without deleting your account.

Want a new start on TikTok without losing your fans? Do you want to delete all TikTok videos at once? Continue reading to learn how to remove TikTok videos. User-generated material (UGC) is allowed on TikTok. It was released globally in September 2017. It allows users to create 15-60 second videos in categories including education, humor, dancing, etc.

Users may act, dance, or lip-synch to any song. Each person’s reason for using TikTok may be unique. Some do it for enjoyment with friends, while others do it to educate the public.

They are a vast community of creative individuals that love to produce fantastic material, and their films are incredibly valuable to them. But, for whatever reason, consumers desire to erase TikTok videos. Maybe they seek a new start or they shift their aims.

Tinder is the most popular app among teenagers. Millions of users use it daily and make excellent TikTok videos. But there is a time to erase TikTok videos. A video may be rejected because the creator believes a better version may be made. Or he just wants to delete a TikTok video for personal reasons. We’ve included all the information you need to erase TikTok videos. Follow these procedures to remove TikTok videos once.

Open the TikTok app on your phone. The top right corner has a profile symbol. Tap it. Your TikTok videos will be shown. Find the TikTok video you wish to remove from your account’s list of videos. On the video icon, there are three dots. Press the three dots. You will see a delete button. Tap Delete.

You’ve successfully removed the disliked TikTok video. But always ponder before you delete. Because once done, it’s irrevocable. There’s no turning back. It’s gone forever for you and your followers.

How to delete all TikTok videos at the same time?

Open TikTok and choose ‘Account’ from the drop-down menu.

Select TikTok Gallery from the drop-down menu and navigate to the video you wish to remove.

To delete a file, choose the three-dot menu icon and press Delete (on iOS, this is represented by an arrow).

should be repeated for each video you have on TikTok.

Because this is an irreversible operation, once you hit the delete button, there is no turning back. You’ll have to repeat this process for each film you’ve submitted, but once you’re done, the videos will be permanently deleted

How to delete all TikTok videos at once in 2022

Unfortunately, TikTok does not enable you to remove all of your TikToks at the same time, as you would expect. You’ll have to go through and eliminate them one by one by hand. You may, however, do this with the use of TikTok management tools. However, it seems that there are no TikTok management programs that allow you to remove TikTok videos in masse.

How to delete all your TikTok videos faster

Go to the settings and explore applications menus, and then press on the icon. To locate the TikTok app, scroll down to the bottom of the page. To activate it, tap on it. You will notice a button that says “clear cache” in this section.

How to delete your TikTok videos at once

TikTok should be opened.

Select Account from the drop-down menu.

Select TikTok Gallery from the drop-down menu and navigate to the video you wish to remove.

Select the three-dot menu icon from the toolbar.

Select Delete from the drop-down menu. (On iOS, it’s represented by an arrow)

Steps 1-3 should be repeated for each video you have on TikTok.

How to delete TikTok videos without losing likes

Make them private, and you won’t have to worry about anything. When you delete videos, the number of likes on such videos is deducted from your profile’s like counter.

How to make all your TikTok videos private at once in 2022

Open Tiktok On Your Phone To begin, tap the Tiktok app on your smartphone. Enter your Tiktok login credentials and log in.

Make A Video Once on the home screen, touch the ‘+’icon at the bottom. Then hit the circular record symbol in the center of the screen to start recording.

Next: Do not forget to hit the red checkmark to save your video. After modifying your video, press next. The upload screen will appear.

Set to ‘Only Me’ for Who Can See My Video. Choose ‘who can see my video’ from the upload screen’s center. Then choose just me and save the changes. This saves your movie to your private videos page and prevents it from being posted until you modify the settings.

How to delete a TikTok video 2022

To see your profile, click on your profile icon in the upper right corner and choose View profile.

Choose the video that you wish to erase from your computer.

Delete may be selected by clicking the More button (three dots) in the upper right corner of the screen.

By clicking Delete, you are confirming your decision.

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