How to delete all of your tiktoks 2022

Best answer How to delete all of your tiktoks You are unable to remove all of the videos at the same time unless you use a bot of some type to do it for you, which puts the status of your account in peril and is something I would not advocate doing. I can think of three primary choices for you to choose in this situation.

How to delete all of your tiktoks

Select ‘Account’ in TikTok.
Delete the video by clicking on the TikTok Gallery and scrolling down to the one you want to remove.
Select the three-dot menu icon and hit Delete (on iOS it’s an arrow).
Every TikTok video you have will need to go through the same three processes.
This procedure is permanent so once you press delete there is no turning back. In order to get rid of all of your videos, you’ll have to do this for each one that you’ve posted.

How to delete all your TikTok videos faster

Open the settings and browse applications, and touch on it. · Scroll down to locate the TikTok app. Tap on it. · Here you will notice a clean cache button.

How to delete all TikTok videos at once 2022

Select ‘Account’ in TikTok.

To delete a video from TikTok Gallery, go to the TikTok Gallery tab and find the video you want to remove.
Select the three-dot menu icon and press Delete (on iOS it’s an arrow).
Steps 1-3 should be repeated for each TikTok video you have.

How to delete TikTok videos on iPhone

You just need to launch the app and go to your profile to get started. There is a complete list of all the videos you’ve made with this programme.

Tap the video you don’t want to see. Playing in full-screen mode is how it will look and function.
During this time, you’ll see three little dots in the lower-right corner of the screen. The app will offer you further choices when you tap the dots.
Press the Delete key. By pressing Delete again, you can be sure.
It’s best to slide the pop-up menu until you see the garbage symbol. The video will be removed from your gallery if you tap it. In order to remove the video, you’ll be asked to confirm your choice by tapping Yes.

How to delete all your saved sounds on TikTok at once

You may save movies, hashtags, audio, and effects in the “Saved” area. It’s as simple as clicking on the correct option to get rid of your films or audio files.

Select the video or music you want to delete or erase, then click on the share option, which will say “stop storing video / sound in favourites” once you’ve clicked on the segment you desire.

How to private all TikTok videos at once

Section For Me

In the upper right-hand corner, click (3 Dots)
You may access this topic by clicking on Privacy & Safety
Go to Who Can React to Your Videos at the bottom of the page.
Do Not Choose One
There you have it, all of your TikTok videos are public.

How to delete all TikTok videos at once 2022

All of your TikTok videos should be deleted. In order to delete a video from your gallery on TikTok, you first need to open the app and choose the ‘Account’ page.

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