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How to delete a vehicle from uber driver app

Best Answer, How to delete a vehicle from the Uber driver app To remove a car from the Uber app, follow the steps below. Open the app and choose the Vehicles option from the drop-down menu. Select the car you wish to remove by tapping on the three lines in the upper left corner of the screen. Then press the Delete key.

How to delete a vehicle from the Uber driver app

To remove an old vehicle from the Uber app, launch the app and navigate to the “Settings” page. Tap on ” Vehicles ” and then choose the automobile you wish to remove. Scroll down and press” Delete Vehicle

How to remove a vehicle from the Uber Eats driver app

Scroll to Riders, then Driving and Delivering. Click Account and Payment, then locate Updating Vehicles and Documents. This will give you the form to complete to delete the car from your profile.

How to remove the old car from the Uber driver app on iPhone

Go to Menu and choose Vehicles. iOS- slide over the car you no longer want to view and pick delete. Android- hold down on the car for a few seconds and a delete option will emerge.

How to change car Uber driver

Tap on the Menu button in the upper left corner of your Uber app screen. Scroll down and click Settings. Find the Vehicle section and tap it. You will see each choice together with its corresponding availability percentage at that moment. Your default vehicle should be chosen as part of this list (if available) (where available). To switch to another automobile or service, simply choose from the list. And voilà! You have moved to another kind of car or service. Be careful to confirm your option before you request the journey.

How to change car color on the Uber app

Open your app. Enter your destination address. Swipe up to view all car choices available in your region. Tap “Confirm UberX“. Follow the remaining steps in the app to finalize your ride request.

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