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How to delete a table in open office permanently

Best Answer How to delete a table in open office permanently Select an area of the table by clicking it.
Just go to the main menu and choose Table > Delete > Table.

How to delete a table in open office permanently

Set the cursor to an appropriate location in the table.
Select Table, then Delete, then Table.

To choose an item, click anywhere in the table.
Choose Delete > Table from the main menu and then choose Table.

So how can I get rid of undesired pictures

It’s possible to remove images from your phone in a few different methods. Using the Photos app to pick the image to be removed is one option. Next, choose Delete by tapping the three vertical dots under the image. Another option is to access the Photos menu in the device’s settings. Select the image you wish to get rid of and hit the delete button.

Where can I find instructions for permanently erasing all of my saved pictures

Several options exist for erasing saved images:
Take use of the Photos app on your iOS device: To edit a picture, launch the Photos app, then hit the menu button (three dots) in the upper left corner. Select the photo you want to remove and tap Delete.
-Using a Mac or PC: Launch the Photos app and then press Command+Z (PC) or Control+Z (Mac) on the keyboard to zoom out (Mac).
-Make use of a photo-editing website, such as Shutterfly: Visit shutterfly.com.

To choose an item, click anywhere in the table.
Select Table, then Select, and finally Table from the main menu.
To cut anything, either use Control+X on your keyboard or select the Cut button on the Standard toolbar.
To set the insertion point, you will need to move the mouse to the desired place and then click on it.
You may paste by either using Control+V or clicking the icon located in the Standard toolbar.

How can I quickly and easily remove all photos

There are several options for wiping your phone clean of all images. One option is to use the Photos app to pick every image you want to remove. Then, pick the Delete option by tapping the trash can symbol in the lower left corner of the screen. Alternatively, you may access the Photos app by going to the Settings section of your phone. Choose Delete Photos from the “Photos” menu. Lastly, you may erase all of your images using an app like Clear or Eraser.

How do I delete a section in open office

How do you delete a table in Libreoffice

Delete Table: Choose the table to edit (by whatever means) The table may be deleted by using Ctrl+Shift+Delete.