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how to delete a ringback tone permanently

It should be possible for you to deactivate Ringback Tones by logging into your MyVerizon account, navigating to the “Change Features” section, and selecting the appropriate option. If you wish to continue paying for the service (for whatever reason), but not use it, when you go to “Manage Ringback Tones,” pick “Standard” rather than “Verizon” under the tones as your default tone. This will let you to continue paying for the service even if you are not using it.

How to delete ringback tone on android

You may have access to your ringback tones and settings by logging into your account on the website of your service provider.
Choose the ringtone that you don’t want to be the default, group, or caller setting by clicking it.
If there are any playlists that include the ringback tone you wish to remove, you must first remove it from those playlists.

When I make a call, how can I silence the music in the background

There are a few options for muzzling in-call sounds. The most obvious solution is to silence your phone whenever you’re not using it. Another approach is to use a call blocker like Ionic or Opera.

Are they able to listen to the music when they call me

As long as the caller is within a set distance of the phone, the music will play for them.

Voicemail with music playing

Access the settings for the voice mail on your phone.
Choose this option to modify the greeting that plays when your voice mail is accessed.
Adjust the volume of the song to the point where you want your voice mail greeting to start playing.
Keep your phone close to the device playing the music.

The YouMail app may be configured to automatically play your voicemails whenever you access them in your inbox. This enables you to go through your voicemails at an even more rapid rate. If you do not want to hear the audio until you press the Play button, you may deactivate this function so that it does not play automatically. You will learn how to change this option on your Android device by following the instructions in this tutorial.

When using a Verizon phone, how can I disable the ringback tone

Verizon ringback tones may be disabled or removed in a number different ways. A possible solution is to delete their app from your phone and switch to a new device. Another approach is to reset your phone and wipe all the old data.

Simply contacting the number associated with your voicemail provider will allow you to listen to your messages. The Phone app on certain smartphones and with some carriers allows you to access a list of your voicemails that have been left for you.

How do I get my voicemails to play on my iPhone

Launch the Phone application located on your iPhone.
To access your voicemail, tap the Voicemail icon located in the lower right corner of the screen.
Simply selecting a voicemail will bring up the playing choices.