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How to delete a recording on youtube tv permanently

Best Answer How to delete a recording on youtube tv permanently Pick a photo to represent you. In this context. Pick the Personal Information option. Select View/Manage Recent Watch List. A Google privacy page will open in a new tab. When done on a web browser, a new tab will be created for this. Select Delete to get rid of the current item. You may remove things by searching for them or by selecting a certain time frame.

How to delete a recording on youtube tv

Select the delete option that is located next to the title of the application on the page for that programme to remove it from your library. If you delete a programme from your collection, subsequent airings of that programme, including the one that is now showing, will no longer be recorded. Your recorded programmes will be accessible until the point in time when they become unavailable.

How to delete recordings on YouTube

Select your profile image. Settings .
Choose the Privacy option.
To manage your watch history, choose this option.
You will now be sent to a page on Google’s privacy settings. This will open in a new tab inside your web browser when you do this…
By clicking the Delete button, you may get rid of an item.
You also have the option to search for things that you want to remove or filter by a certain date period.

How to delete scheduled recordings on YouTube TV

Locate the programme or movie that you want to delete under the tab. Navigate to the page for the programme or movie. To confirm your selection, click the checkbox button in the upper right corner. When it changes back to the plus sign, it indicates that the programme has been removed from the library as well as any recordings that were planned for it.

What are some of the limitations of YouTube TV

There is the possibility of experiencing a few problems while using YouTube TV. To start, it is not offered in all geographic locations, and it does not have the same number of channels as conventional cable television provides. In addition, there is no DVR function for viewing movies or television series, which means that users will have to depend on their own recordings if they want to stay current with their preferred material.

How much does a monthly subscription to YouTube TV cost

The monthly cost for YouTube TV is $40.

What are the monthly fees for YouTube TV

The streaming service known as YouTube TV costs $35 a month to subscribe to. The service offers a selection of channels, some of which are television networks such as ABC, CBS, and NBC. In addition, there are over one hundred add-ons available for YouTube TV, which are extra channels.

How long do recordings stay on YouTube TV

Nine months. After a programme has been added to your library, it will remain there permanently, even if there are no new episodes scheduled to air. Your recordings of live TV will be retained for a period of nine months so long as you continue to be a paying subscriber. The details of the other programmes will change according to the agreements we reach with our content partners.

YouTube TV record only new episodes

Launch YouTube TV and log in to begin watching. Make use of the search box to locate the programme that you would want to record. Open it. To add the programme to your watch list, use the + sign that is located to the right of the show’s name. That sums it up well.

YouTube TV deleted my recordings

1. Using the remote control, go to the “DVR” option in the menu, and then push the “ok” button… 2. Using the remote, go through your recorded shows until you locate the programme you want to remove and delete it. · 3.