How To Delete A Message On Offerup 2022

Bestt Answer How To Delete A Message On Offerup Yes, you can delete OfferUp messages. To delete a message. Open the conversation, tap and hold on the message you want to get rid of, and then swipe up. Then, tap Delete.

how to delete a message on offerup

Is it possible to erase messages from OfferUp? In order to erase a message. Delete the message by opening the conversation and pressing and holding the message. Then, press the delete button.

How to delete messages on OfferUp iPhone

Messages on OfferUp 2022 can be deleted by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner of the message once it has been opened up. Then, click Delete and confirm.

Does OfferUp delete messages

All notifications of communications are removed from the Notifications tab once an item has been sold. Messages between you and the buyer can be retrieved if you want to contact or review them.

How to block someone on OfferUp

Did you ever make a sale to him? You have most likely been hacked and should contact your internet service provider to stop receiving these messages.

How to find hidden messages on OfferUp

You’ll find it in the lower-right corner of your inbox’s screen. When you pick a chat, it will be hidden from view. On OfferUp, tap the Hidden communications button in your message inbox to access hidden discussions.

How to delete OfferUp account

Log in to your account at
Identify a reason why you’re resigning.
Click the Deactivate My Account button.
Click Yes, I’m positive.
Click the Finish button. Has it been updated recently? No, not at all.

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