How To Delete A Message On Offerup 2022

How To Delete A Message On Offerup 2022

Best Answer How To Delete A Message On Offerup Tap. Swipe the message you want to get rid of to the left, then tap the red Delete button.

how to delete a message on offerup

Yes, you can remove OfferUp messages from your phone. To remove a message from the inbox. Open the discussion and choose the message you wish to remove by tapping and holding on it. Finally, select Delete.

How to delete messages on OfferUp iPhone

Open the message and tap the three dots in the upper right corner to delete it from OfferUp 2022. After that, click Delete and confirm.

How to delete messages on OfferUp Android

Open OfferUp in a new tab or window. Blue-green with a white price tag that reads “OfferUp” on the inside, the OfferUp app has a recognizable icon. When you’re ready to use OfferUp, simply tap the OfferUp symbol on your homescreen or applications drawer.
To sign in to OfferUp if you aren’t already, go to the Account tab and sign in there. In the Google Smart Lock pop-up window, you may either select a Google account or select None of the above and then Email. Log in to your OfferUp account by entering your email address and password.

How to delete messages on OfferUp

Yes, OfferUp communications can be deleted. Removing a message from a conversation. Delete the message by opening the conversation and pressing and holding the message. Finally, select Delete.

Does OfferUp delete messages

The Notifications tab on a sold item is cleared of all messages and notifications. You’ll still be able to get in touch with the buyer and look through any messages you’ve exchanged with them.

How to block someone on OfferUp

Open their profile by clicking on their photo.
In the upper right corner, click and hold Ellipsis.png.
Tap the Report Flag.png image. Please Report (iOS) or Please Report (iOS)
Select a reason to file a complaint.
Optional: On the next screen, you can either add a remark or block the person you’re chatting with.
If you block someone, you won’t be able to exchange messages or offers with them in the future.
Tap Submitted a report
To conclude, press the Done button.

How to find old messages on OfferUp

Use the Inbox or the Selling tab to identify communications you’ve exchanged on OfferUp that are particularly noteworthy.

How to hide messages on OfferUp

To hide a chat, tap the radial button next to it. Selecting the chat displays a checkbox next to it, indicating that you have done so. Hide can be activated by pressing the Hide button. Located at the bottom-right of your inbox’s display,

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