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How to delete a funimation account 2022

Best Answer, How to delete a Funimation account Simply go to their account deletion page, input your user ID/nickname and password, then click on the “Delete Account” button to complete the process. That’s all there is to it! Account deletions are irreversible, so be certain that you really want to remove your account before clicking on the “Delete Account” option on the right.

How to delete a funimation account

By clicking on the “Logout” button at the top of the page, you may permanently erase your account. Then choose the “Account Settings” option from the drop-down menu. Continue to the bottom of the page, where it says “Delete Account.”
When you click on it, you’ll be requested to enter your username and password.

How to delete free Funimation account

Access your account by logging in and visiting the “My Account” page.
Scroll down to the “Cancel Membership” section and click on the “Delete Account” option to complete the cancellation process.

The “Delete Account” option will appear once you have entered your password.
To confirm the deletion of your account, click on the “Yes, remove my account” option.

How to delete a Funimate account

Step 1. Launch the Funimate programme. Step 2. Navigate to your profile. Step 3. Select Settings. Step 4. Select Deactivate Account from the drop-down menu ( delete Funimate account )

How to delete Crunchyroll account

Once you’ve signed in, go to the support page and choose “Can I deactivate/delete my account?” from the drop-down menu. This will take you to the “Nuke” landing page of the website. To deactivate your account, click “Deactivate Account.” This will lead you to a form that you must complete; when a pop-up window asks whether you are certain that you want to delete your account, choose “Yes.”

How to delete Funimation downloads

The download capability is only available on the platforms that have been defined.

Despite the fact that Funimation clients are accessible on a variety of platforms, you can only download Funimation videos through mobile devices such as iOS, Android, and tablets.
It is not free to download Funimation videos and watch them later.

Subscribers to Funimation’s Premium Plus ($7.99 per month) or Premium Plus Ultra ($99 per year) plans may download videos from the site. When a video is offered for download on Funimation, free users must redeem the Digital Copy code in order to store the video to their device after buying the film on the website. Find out more about Funimation Digital Copy by visiting their website.

Almost all of the Funimation videos are available for purchase and download.
When there is a downloaded video, there is a purple download symbol next to it. When you click on the download button, the Download to Go function will be activated, which will allow you to complete the download. The files that you have downloaded may be found in My Library.

You may download many videos at the same time.
Funimation is capable of supporting a maximum of 13 download tasks at the same time.

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