How To Delete A Comment On Canvas 2022

Best Answer, How To Delete A Comment On Canvas Locate Media. Look for the media you want to watch in your Studio account. Read the comments. Click on the tab for Comments. Delete Comment. To get rid of your comment, click the Delete button [1] and then the Confirm Delete button [2].

How to delete a comment on canvas

In the course’s navigation menu, select the Grades option.
Find the student’s name and the assignment that corresponds to the spot where you want to make a comment.
Please leave your feedback in the comments section  and then click the Submit button
To remove your remark, click the Delete icon in the upper-right corner.

How to delete a comment in canva

Choose Edit, then make the necessary adjustments, and then select Save. Only the comments you’ve made may be edited.
To erase your comment, use the Delete thread option.
To delete comments left by other users, select the Delete reply option (only for the design owner).

How to delete a comment on canvas peer review

To relocate a remark, tap and hold the checkmark icon, then drag the icon to the new area where you want the comment to appear. Click on the button that looks like a trash can if you want to delete a comment.

How to edit comments on Canvas

To make changes to your remark, you must first click the Edit icon [1,] and then make those changes in the comment box [2,] as shown. Click the “Submit” button when you are through making changes to your comment after using the “Edit” button [3]. The time stamp of the comment after it has been altered will provide evidence that the comment has been modified.

How to delete a comment on canvas discussion on iPhone

To delete your response to a discussion subject, first click the button labelled “Reply Options,” then select the “Delete” option from the drop-down menu that appears.

How to delete a reply on canvas mobile

There is a settings icon next to each of your postings, giving you the opportunity to edit or delete the post. On the post you wish to edit, look for an icon labelled Settings and click on it. To make changes to a post, click the Edit button.

How to reply to a comment on canvas

To respond to a comment, hover your mouse pointer over the comment, and then select the Reply button [2].

How to delete a reply on Discussion Board

Contact your teacher if you made a mistake in posting a reply and the choices to modify or remove it did not show after you posted it. Create a new topic inside of a forum. On the page of the thread, pointing to a post will bring up a list of the possible functions. Select Edit or Delete.

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