How To Delete A Color From A Palette In Procreate

Best answer How To Delete A Color From A Palette In Procreate To get rid of a color from your palette, tap and hold the swatch you want to get rid of, then tap Delete.
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How To Delete A Color From A Palette In Procreate?

Tap the Delete button after first pressing and holding the swatch you want to remove from your palette.

Skin tone color palette Procreate free

Procreate skin tones may range from light and creamy to deep and rich, and the color combinations included in these 5 free Procreate Palettes can assist you in painting realistic digital portraits.

Best free Procreate palettes

Autumn Procreate Color Palette.

Burn Orange Color Palette for the Program Procreate.

Procreate Palette in Light Pastels.

Procreate Palette – Terracota.

Bright Candy is a color from the Procreate Palette.

Brushes for Procreate that work with watercolor and pencil.

Colter Brush – Watercolor for the Procreate app.

Procreate color Palettes skin

This color palette for skin tones comprises the most typical skin tones, all of which have a pinkish undertone. To facilitate the creation of realistic digital artwork, it has a spectrum of colors ranging from bright to dark and including both warm and cold tones.

Procreate palette from image not working

If you need to build color palettes from photographs, you can consider utilizing an application that is not developed by Adobe. I am aware that there are a number of programs that can generate color palettes from photographs; the challenging part, in my opinion, is finding the ones that work for you. At least one of the palette generators had the capability of exporting swatches that were native to Procreate. It’s possible that you can’t import photographs there, but it’s definitely something you should look into.

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