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How To Delete A Character In Skyforge 2022

Best Answer How To Delete A Character In Skyforge You can’t get rid of your Skyforge characters, you can’t delete them. So take great care when you make them.

How To Delete A Character In Skyforge?

You will always have access to your Skyforge characters since you are unable to erase them. Therefore, you need to use extreme caution while making them.

Skyforge delete account PS4

When you delete your personal information, all of the information that is connected to it will also be deleted. This includes any in-game accomplishments, advancement, and things that you have obtained.

How to log out of Skyforge

Okay, but how exactly do you bow out of the competition? To my knowledge, you do not log off. If I want to leave a game, I just quit the application, which is how you do it.

How to make a new account in Skyforge

According to the frequently asked questions section of the Skyforge website, there is only one method to create a completely new character from the ground up:

How to start over in Skyforge Xbox one

According to the Skyforge FAQ, “Your account is your character, thus to start from scratch, this would need establishing a new account or shifting to an area you don’t play on.” This is the only option to create a completely new character from the ground up.

How to change servers in Skyforge Xbox one

Open the game client by going to the MY.GAMES Game Center, and after that, pick Server from the drop-down menu that appears. This will allow you to switch servers.

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