How To Delete A Character In Diablo 3

Best Answer, How To Delete A Character In Diablo 3 Launch the character selection screen, then choose the one you wish to get rid of from the list of available characters. After that, you should confirm your choice by pressing the X button.

How To Delete A Character In Diablo 3?

Under the display of the character, there should be a button labeled “Switch Hero” that you can click. This will display your list of characters in a similar fashion to what you currently see on the screen (only in a different area), and after that, the delete button will appear in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Diablo 3 accidentally deleted character

Simply enter the character selection menu by clicking the button labeled “Switch Hero.”

If it is possible to restore your character, a button with a green arrow and the label “Restore Hero” will appear on the screen.

After clicking the “Restore Hero” button, a popup containing the hero’s name will appear.

Diablo 3 character disappeared Xbox

Was a connection issue within the game, which wiped everything clean. If in-game mistakes can delete data in such a way, you will need to restore your toons from when they were stored on the server.

How to recover Diablo 3 account

A CD key that has been used with the account (game or expansion)

Initials and last name of the person who owns the account.

Any and all email addresses that have possibly been used with this account.


IDs of orders placed for items purchased using the account.

Are Diablo 3 characters saved online

Heroes created in Diablo III are stored locally on your console, and depending on the settings of your account, they may also be backed up to your cloud save. If you need help retrieving data from cloud storage, you can get in touch with Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, or Nintendo for support.

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