How to delete a Bereal 2022

How to delete a Bereal 2022

Best Answer, How to delete a Bereal Simply click on the three dots (“… “) in the upper-right corner of your BeReal to get the choices for deleting the BeReal you just submitted today. There is an option to delete your BeReal in that section. Once a day is the maximum amount of time you may remove your BeReal, so be cautious

How to unfriend someone on BeReal

Take a look at your pals list in BeReal. To add new friends, use the icon on the left-hand side of the screen. Click the cross symbol next to the person you wish to unfriend in the ‘My Friends’ section. Click on ‘Delete’ to confirm your action before moving on.

How to take a BeReal

Sign up for a free account by entering your details below. Android and iOS users may utilize BeReal. Make Some New Pals. As soon as you’ve logged in, the app will ask you to add friends from your phone’s contacts. Take a picture and share it. Get rid of the BeReal app. You can see where your friends are at a glance.

How to change emojis on BeReal

Activate RealMoji editing by pressing and holding on the RealMoji you wish to change. When they begin to tremble, they’ll be in Edit Mode. It’s as simple as tapping the one you wish to erase, and you’ll have the option to capture another.

Is BeReal app safe

The Bottom Line As safe as the BeReal app looks to be, it is always a good idea for parents to download and play with with any new app in order to make sure they understand what their children are seeing and understanding.

Delete my BeReal not available

On your BeReal, click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of your picture, and you’ll see an option to remove your BeReal. There is an option to delete your BeReal in that section.

How to make my BeReal public

If you want to make your BeReal public, you may do so in the Discovery timeline Send your BeReal with the discovery option selected. If at any point you decide that you no longer want your BeReal to be part of the Discovery timeline, you may delete it or make it publicly viewable.

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