How to delete a Bereal post 2022

How to delete a Bereal post 2022

Best Answer, How to delete a Bereal post On your BeReal, click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of your picture, and you’ll see an option to remove your BeReal. There is an option to delete your BeReal in that section. Once a day is the maximum amount of time you may remove your BeReal, so be cautious.

Tap the three dots to the right of the post you wish to remove from BeReal’s “Friends” page.

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“Options” may be accessed with a bottom-right corner tap.

At the bottom of the screen, choose “Delete my BeReal.”

When you remove a post, BeReal will ask you why. Depending on your desire, you may choose one of the following reasons.

“Yes, I’m sure” is located at the bottom of the screen and may be tapped to confirm.

How to unfriend someone on BeReal

Take a look at your pals list in BeReal. To add new friends, use the icon on the left-hand side of the screen.

Click the cross symbol next to the person you wish to unfriend in the ‘My Friends’ section.

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Click on ‘Delete’ to confirm your action before moving on.

How to delete a be real For iPhone Users

Click on “Timeline” below the photo you posted.

That is, click on the box like the picture below shows.

Then, in the bottom right corner of the new window, click “Options.”

Then click “delete my bereal.”

Choose why you want to delete your account.

5. Then click “yes, I’m sure.” Done. You were able to delete your Be real Post Sucessfully.

How to delete a be real For Android Users

The app’s main idea is that people should share a moment of their day in real time. Users of the app will be told at a different time every day that it’s time to “BeReal” and asked to take and share a photo within two minutes.

Both the front and back cameras on a phone take a picture at the same time. But sometimes you don’t like a picture you took, and thankfully the app lets you delete it.

Click the three-dot icon on the right side of the image you uploaded.

After that, click Delete my BeReal.

Choose a reason for removing your picture from BeReal. It is voluntary. Then click My BeReal Delete.

There’s a catch, just like with everything else on this app. Only one BeReal may be deleted every day, so make good use of it.

It’s possible to erase a post after it’s been shared so that no one else may access it.

There won’t be an option for you to remove the second BeReal post if you delete the first one first.

Can You Delete Comments On BeReal Post

Yes, you may erase the comments you made in your BeReal post and the comments you made in the postings of other people.

The comments that have already been left on your BeReal article may be removed by opening the comment area and clicking the “Delete Comments” button.

If you wish to remove a remark, you’ll need to hang onto it. Then you’ll notice a delete symbol at the top of the screen. The remark may be deleted by clicking on it.

Hold the remark you wish to delete and then click the Delete symbol to remove it.

How to post on BeReal

As soon as you sign up for an account, the app prompts you to snap a photo. When you’re ready to snap a picture, you’ll get a notice. Within two minutes, respond to the notice by taking two images (one with the rear camera and one with the front camera). Add a caption and pick whether or not you want to share it with your friends or the whole internet.

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Delete my BeReal not available

On your BeReal, click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of your picture, and you’ll see an option to remove your BeReal. You’ll find the option to delete your BeReal account there.

It’s possible that if you’re a new BeReal user, you’re not aware of this. After you publish, you may want to remove it and take another BeReal to make sure everything is as you intended. The Delete button may not display instantly if you wish to delete the picture you just submitted. Let’s examine how to erase it if you don’t see the Delete option.

For those of you who are using BeReal on an iPhone, the posting time appears under the uploaded image. After clicking on Avid, choose the option at the bottom-right of the screen. Click on the option to remove my BeReal. You may then delete the entry by clicking Yes, I’m sure.

To the right of the shared picture on BeReal for Android, you’ll now notice three dots. Remove my bereal by clicking on it and then deleting it. After that, choose Delete and press the Delete key.

Can you retake a BeReal

You may remove posts after they’ve been shared so that no one else can view them. A BeReal post may only be deleted once per day by a user. BeReal posts can’t be deleted once they’ve been shared, even if a user deletes the first one and then publishes a second one.

I unintentionally submitted a BeReal on the BeReal app by mistake, when I accidently clicked the camera. I don’t understand how it’s going to be removed. So, in the end, I discovered the answer. There is a good chance that you’ve experienced a similar experience. Delete that BeReal and publish a new BeReal to see if that works.

Unfortunately, the BeReal picture that was shared by mistake has been erased, as previously noted by yourself. Let’s explore how you can publish a BeReal picture again.

One of the first things you’ll notice is an option to “Post a BeReal.” It’s only a click away.

Take a BeReal picture after that. After that, just hit the “send” button.

Sending choices may now be selected. So, if your post is in front of you, all you have to do is glance at it. Click the send button a second time.

Can you screenshot BeReal

When we snap a screenshot of someone else’s BeReal app post, we’ll get an instant notice from that person’s BeReal app.

You won’t receive a push notification if you snap a screenshot of someone else’s post on BeReal, but if they open the app, they can view the screenshot. A little screenshot icon will appear next to the post when you take a screenshot of it.

How To Delete A Photo From Memories

The Memories area of the BeReal app is where we save all of the photographs that we upload on a daily basis. In the Memories area, you can also see all of the photographs that you have uploaded to the platform on a daily basis. Now let’s say you have the intention of deleting certain images. Let’s figure out how to go about doing it.

First of All Go to profile

The’memories’ section may be found in the profile information section. Simply choose the “see all memories” option.

Choose the picture you no longer wish to keep.

In the top right corner, choose the three dots.

Select “remove from memory” from the drop-down menu. Then you must affirm.

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