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How to delete a bereal permanently

Best Answer How to delete a bereal permanently Navigate to your profile and click the three dots menu to totally erase your BeReal history. Choose Memories from the Features menu here. Click “Deactivate Memories.”

how to delete a bereal

Select the profile picture on the far right to access your account.
To remove a photo from the calendar, just touch it.
If you want to remove anything from your memories, use the menu button (three dots) in the upper right.

why can’t i delete my bereal

The app BeReal’s emphasis is keeping postings honest, thus it purposefully doesn’t make it simple to erase them. You will be required to take a survey and will be limited to deleting just one per day.

Explain how BeReal works. The software sends users a notice at a random point throughout the day. Once you’ve gotten the message, you have a 2-minute window to publish a picture. Within 24 hours of being uploaded to BeReal, photos are deleted permanently.

What happens if you delete BeReal app

You have the option to delete your post once per day in the event of an error or if you just wish to remove an attachment. Users on BeReal have two minutes to snap the perfect shot.

Delete BeReal account Reddit

The first thing you need to do is open the BeReal app. You must launch the BeReal app on your mobile device. To go to Step 2, choose the “Profile” menu item. Third, click the “Three-Dots” icon. Here’s the fourth step: choose the “Contact Us” option. Five, choose the Delete Account option. Describe why you want to delete it in Step 6. 7. Select the “I’m Sure” button.

According to the BeReal website, you can only remove your post once a day after you’ve put it on your feed. After the two-minute countdown has elapsed, you can no longer erase and retake your BeReal, but you may take it again.

The BeReal website states that once a post has been published on your feed, it cannot be removed. During the two-minute countdown, you may take as many attempts as you want at your BeReal. However, after you push “publish,” you can only remove and redo it once.

Your shot may be retaken as many times as you wish during the allotted two minutes. You have two minutes to choose a photo, but if that time goes by without you making a decision, you’ll have missed your chance. To view other people’s photos, you must first upload one.

Problems with the BeReal app may be resolved by uninstalling and then reinstalling the program. BeReal app issues are sometimes fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. To see whether the BeReal app is functioning properly, please first delete it from your phone and then reinstall it. BeReal app not working? Attempt these troubleshooting steps.

The app will warn you that you can only remove your BeReal once a day, and that you won’t be able to delete the next one you publish if you delete this one. You’ll be prompted to choose a reason for deleting your BeReal account.

You may remove a BeReal post using the post’s three-dot menu on iPhone and Android. As part of its mission to promote genuine communication, BeReal deliberately makes it difficult to remove content.