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How to delete a bereal account 2022

Best Answer, How to delete a bereal account Simply go to Profile > Settings > Contact us > Cancel Account in order to delete your account. Please cancel my subscription and delete my account, then proceed as directed. You will be logged out of the system without prompting. Within the next 15 days, your account along with all of your data will be erased for good.

How does BeReal work

BeReal is an alternative social networking platform that aims to provide its members with a. BeReal is most known for its once-a-day picture policy. The program encourages users to submit one picture every day, and only one shot, in order to demonstrate to their followers what they are genuinely doing at any given moment.

Delete my BeReal not available

It is quite easy to erase the BeReal that you uploaded earlier today; all you need to do is get to the settings of your picture by clicking on the three dots (“… “) that are located in the upper right corner of your BeReal. You will find the option to delete your BeReal account inside this section.

Is BeReal app safe

BeReal, much like any other app or site where users could contact with unknown people, has various aspects that parents should be aware of, including the following: Because pictures are not vetted, it is possible for your kid to stumble across an item that was uploaded by another user that contains information that is not acceptable for them when they are browsing through the Discovery stream.

BeReal app founder

Alexis Barreyat Members of the BeReal Management Team Alexis Barreyat is the company’s creator.

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