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How To Check Civil id Validity in Kuwait

Without a valid Civil ID, you can no longer live in Kuwait. If you live in Kuwait, you must be familiar with the government’s New Rules and Regulations. People from all over the world have traveled to Kuwait to work, visit, or do business. He must be knowledgeable in Civil Identification. It will also benefit you.

Every Kuwaiti citizen gets a Civil Identification Card. It is a sort of identification card used to verify identity while dealing with the government or other sectors of the economy. In Kuwait, civil identification cards feature the bearer’s name, ID number, nationality, occupation, and residence. The Kuwaiti government issues an identification card that must be renewed after a certain period.

How To Check Civil id Validity in Kuwait

The Kuwaiti government launched the Kuwait Mobile ID to enable you to find out when your Civil ID expires. You may no longer check the expiry date on any website or app without a Kuwait Mobile-ID.

To find out when a civic ID card expires, To begin, download the Kuwait Mobile ID App from the Google Play Store and open it. Here’s how to check the expiration date.

  1. To begin, go here to download the Kuwait Mobile ID App.
  2. Login to your account first, then click the Sign Up Button.
  3. Fill in your CIN, email, and cell phone number. Then click the Next button.
  4. On the next screen, upload a photo of yourself as proof of your Kuwait mobile ID and click Submit.
  5. To proceed, enter the one-time password issued to your mobile number and click Collect Mobile-ID.
  6. Select your Kuwait Digital Mobile ID Pin Reenter For Confirmation and click Confirm.
  7. After completing the online mobile IDS registration, select the Confirm Button from the drop-down menu.
  8. Your civil ID will be presented in full on the next page, including its expiration date.
  9. Follow this simple technique to find out when your Kuwait Civil ID expires. Your full ID number, NBmae picture, country, gender, birth date, passport number, and expiration date are all shown.
  10. It stores your Kuwaiti address, registered cellphone number, and other vital data. Kuwait Mobile ID is vital nowadays. Activate it on your phone for better services.

If you Apply for a new Civil ID and Want Civil ID delivery at Home Easy here is a Complete Guide for Kuwait civil id home delivery registration and Much more Complete detail.

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