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How to Become a BeReal Ambassador & Apply

BeReal, the social networking app, has been downloaded over a million times and is the newest craze.
Users may stumble onto it for many reasons, but the company’s initial focus was on students. With the support of school ambassadors, BeReal has employed promotional strategies including sponsoring frat parties to rapidly expand its user base.

BeReal, a new social networking app, has witnessed a 315% rise in downloads this year and a barrage of stories testing the platform and its more “genuine” experience, which allowed users just two minutes each day to post a picture.

Many people are finding the app to be worth the excitement around it. However, the early success of BeReal’s app downloads was also helped by guerilla marketing strategies directed towards Greek college life groups in the United States.

BeReal’s college ambassadors (all of whom joined in February) shared some of the duties they were given with Insider (they only get paid for accomplished assignments). Aside from the standard presentation, other duties included fraternity night sponsorships where $5-$8 was offered for each new registered user and the distribution of stickers or pizza in exchange for downloads (paid to the Greek-letter organization ).

BeReal’s meteoric rise over the last few months may probably be attributed, in part, to these experimental techniques that take a page from the textbooks of more established firms like TikTok and Bumble.

BeReal Ambassador Program Role Description

At least, that’s what one of their volunteer positions entails. Role In the role of BeReal Ambassador.Just a Few Notes on the Job:

As a representative of the Be Real Campaign, you will advocate for our cause, sharing information about our initiatives and helping to build relationships with other people, groups, institutions, and corporations in an effort to gain their support.

Quick rundown of the various responsibilities associated with this job Share the information and materials provided by the Be Real Campaign (this includes promoting our research, social media campaigns, events and more)

Serve as a public face for the Be Real movement (when appropriate) Participate in scientific studies (where appropriate) Find at least one event each year to organize that encourages positive self-perception of one’s physique.

Create bridges across institutions to promote our tools (the Body Image Pledge, the Body Confidence Campaign Toolkit for Schools). Participate in promotional and/or fundraising activities
Assist us in planning and executing our events.

Advocate for our mission and the services we provide by sharing your thoughts with local organizations.
Get more individuals involved in our cause, particularly the young. The following abilities would be very desirable in you:

Extreme dedication to self-esteem the ability to convey ideas effectively Competence and dependability Ability to Give a Talk competency in cooperating with others Indoctrination Requirements:

Opening Remarks from the Ambassador Proposed Time Commitment As needed, and as discussed with the volunteer. Email BeReal at ambassadors@bere.al if you have any queries about the BeReal Ambassador Program.

Requirements for becoming a BeReal ambassador

The team has declared that prospective BeReal ambassadors must have entrepreneurial spirit, motivation, and connections. All of the following must be met

To be eligible, candidates must be enrolled as full-time students. All participants in the BeReal ambassador program must be citizens of the nation in which they are enrolled in higher education.
Students living off-campus with families or in other arrangements will not be considered for admission to the program for the spring 2022 semester.

The BeReal team conducts interviews with each finalist before making their ultimate decision. In light of the above, don’t waste any time in applying to the BeReal ambassador program if you or anybody you know is qualified and interested in doing so.

It’s important to note that high school kids may also apply, but the BeReal team hasn’t disclosed any specific prerequisites or intentions for this cohort of future BeReal ambassadors. Therefore, we must wait to see what the team decides to do next about them.

How to apply for BeReal ambassador program

University students who meet the aforementioned criteria and would want to apply to become BeReal ambassadors may do so by completing the online form on the company’s website. A summary of the program is provided at the link; more details are requested in the following subsections.

Questions for an Interviewing Process Please note that the next steps in the process are dependent on an email response from the BeReal team once you have submitted the form. While there have been no formal announcements of associated programs, there is an application form available for high school pupils. The data collected might be utilized in campus or high school level advancement initiatives in the future.

People of all ages, ethnicities, genders, and abilities are encouraged to apply, and the application process is accessible to anybody from any walk of life.

BeReal is particularly interested in hearing from members of underrepresented groups such as those with disabilities, members of the LGBT+ community, and members of BME communities. This is because underrepresented groups tend to be less represented in mainstream advertising and marketing campaigns, and BeReal wants to change this.

The anti-influence platform BeReal is actively seeking prominent ambassadors to promote its cause

A BeReal spokeswoman told Insider that the company’s public relations file makes it clear that using BeReal will not lead to fame and fortune. “You may just keep using TikTok and Instagram if you want to become an influencer.”

BeReal claims to be more real and less flashy than the competition, yet the firm still seems to be on the hunt for influential college students to serve as campus representatives.

Job duties include “hosting parties,” “managing a marketing budget,” “identifying crucial times on campus for us to become engaged,” “representing BeReal’s goal,” and “executing innovative activations,” according to the website. the business.

The three ambassadors stressed the need of maintaining ties with Greek-related groups, even if doing so is not a requirement for employment.

University of Massachusetts at Amherst freshman and BeReal Ambassador Jake Leonard stated, “One of the primary things they spoke to me about was getting Greek life on campus engaged with BeReal — in return for pay for the organization.” “Being a member of a fraternity has been the single most beneficial aspect of my ambassadorship.”

Old Dominion University ambassador Tiffanie Johnson told Insider that she was asked during her interview whether she felt “attracted” to the university and its many student clubs.

Johnson said that his first objective was to compile a list of all sororities and fraternities in the area (for which he was paid).

The ambassadors all agreed that their first task was to gather contact information for the presidents of sororities and fraternities so that a permanent BeReal representative could reach out to them. Johnson and Leonard said that they were compensated a few hundred dollars for their efforts.

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