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How To Apply For GATE Scholarship Step By Step

The GATE Scholarship is a merit-based award given to first-year students who have passed the GATE exam. Scholarship registration will begin in the second week of December 2021 for students seeking admission for the school year 2021-22. Qualified candidates will get INR 12,400 for a period of 24 months or for the whole duration of the course, whichever is shorter. M.E/M.Tech./M.Pharm./M.Arch. are among the courses that qualify.

GATE Scholarship Start and End date

Registration for GATE Scholarships will begin in the second week of December 2021.

Registration for GATE Scholarships closes in the second or third week of March 2022.

GATE Scholarship Important Highlights

The scholarship amount of INR 12,400, duration of 2 years, and eligibility Online GATE Score Validation and Scholarship Application Process

Only AICTE-approved colleges will be eligible for the grant.
Candidates must use their unique ID supplied by the institute at the time of registration to access the scholarship website. They must next upload the necessary papers and submit their application.

Candidates are encouraged to obtain a copy of their GATE scorecard since it is one of the most important papers needed to apply for the scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria for the GATE Scholarship

The first and most important condition for students to be eligible for a GATE scholarship is to have a valid GATE score when applying for admission to their selected degree. Students who do not have a valid score card when they begin the course or who pass the examination after the first day of the class have passed are not eligible to apply for the scholarship. To assist candidates, the AICTE has provided the following specific qualifying requirements for the GATE scholarship:

Eligible Student Criteria for GATE Scholarship

Candidates must present their authentic GATE scorecard after score normalization at the time of admission to the program. Check out the GATE Score Calculator as well.

A general savings bank account in the name of the candidate must exist in order to receive the scholarship money.

SC/ST/OBC (Non-creamy layer)/ Physically Handicapped/ Differently Abled individuals are only eligible to apply for the scholarship provided they have a valid caste/required certificate.

Ineligible Student Criteria GATE Scholarship

Students who applied for admission before or after the GATE score’s validity period will not be considered for the award. What is the GATE Score Validity? Those who have previously finished their post-graduation will not be eligible for the award.

Students who have received management quota admission to postgraduate programs, sponsored candidates, and overseas candidates are not eligible to apply for the scholarship.

For the GATE scholarship, no joint accounts or accounts in the name of the guardian are permitted.

The grant is not available to students who have enrolled in part-time postgraduate studies. Students will not be regarded eligible if they do not have a valid certificate.

Applicants from the OBC category who fall under the creamy layer are unable to apply for the GATE scholarship.

If an applicant has already received a scholarship from an IIT or NIT, he or she will be ineligible for AICTE funding.

If the candidates meet all of the qualifying requirements and are awarded the scholarship, the funds will be put into their bank accounts every month for the next two years, or until they complete the courses they are pursuing, whichever comes first.

How to Apply for a GATE Scholarship

Students must follow the processes outlined below to apply for and receive a scholarship for the GATE exam:

Step 1: First Go to the https://www.aicte-india.org website

Step 2: A link to the AICTE GATE scholarship will be clickable. To get to the application page, click on that link.

Step 3: Fill in the blanks on the page with the requested information and upload the needed documents.

All information and documentation must be completed on or before the scholarship application deadline. The deadline for uploading papers and submitting the application for the year will be in the final week of August, tentatively.

Step 4: After the papers have been uploaded and the application has been filed, the competent institute will check the information provided by the candidate. They will provide their permission and the scholarship will be given to the student once all of the documentation has been confirmed.

Documents Required for GATE Scholarship

The following is a list of papers that must be submitted while applying for a GATE Scholarship.

Aadhar Card of the Candidate (Exemption for students from Assam, Jammu, and Kashmir, and Meghalaya) The PDF version of the GATE scorecard and the Caste certificate

BC Candidates must provide a non-creamy layer certificate in pdf format that is no more than one year old. Candidate’s Passbook (in pdf format)

GATE Scholarship Procedure for Institutes

Institutes and students must follow the procedure. To or before the required deadlines, which are tentatively in October 2021, institutes must post the eligible PG student’s data on the AICTE portal.

After that, supply all PG students accepted in AICTE approved programs/institutions for 2021-22 with the student’s Unique ID issued by the system.

Then, students pursuing postgraduate studies who have a valid GATE score and are enrolled in AICTE-approved programs/institutions must obtain a Unique ID from the institute and log in to the official website.

Only scanned copies of all original documents in JPEG/PDF format should be uploaded there. A scanned copy of the GATE scorecard is attached. The first page of a bank passbook was scanned.

Only active Aadhar savings bank accounts will be taken into consideration. No-frill accounts, Jan Dhan accounts, bank accounts with transaction/credit restrictions, and joint accounts are prohibited.

For OBC applicants only, a scanned copy of the latest valid Category Certificate for SC/ST, OBC, and Non-Creamy Layer (NCL) issued by the Competent Authority.

After this, the Institute will validate the student data and approve their candidacy on the portal, ensuring that personal information, bank information, and the date of admission/start date are all filled out accurately.

GATE Scholarship Important Instructions Before applying

Before applying for a scholarship, students should understand all of the specifics about the scholarship and have all of the essential information. Here are a few essential aspects to consider for the candidates:

Students who have completed their postgraduate studies are not eligible for this grant. It is solely for individuals seeking admission to AICTE-approved engineering post-graduation programs for the first time.

If an applicant has previously taken admission to their selected course or institute after re-qualifying for the GATE test, they will not be able to apply for the GATE scholarship.

During their first try at admission, they received this scholarship from the AICTE. These students will also be ineligible for the scholarship if they have already received one from a centrally financed university, such as IITs, IIITs, or NITs.

As previously stated, the scholarship will be accessible for 24 months or the duration of the course they are enrolled in. The scholarship will expire on the day when the candidate’s course is completed, or after two years, whichever comes first. Students will not be allowed any extensions under any circumstances.

The scholarship money will not be deposited to the students’ accounts in full right once. On a monthly basis, it will be added to the list. This is because the scholarship is contingent on the candidate’s excellent academic achievement. It is also to guarantee that the student follows the Institute or University’s laws and regulations and standards, otherwise, the scholarship would be revoked.

Any type of wrongdoing on the part of the student will result in the GATE scholarship being revoked at any moment. Students must adhere to the code of conduct, which prohibits them from engaging in ragging and/or misbehaving on campus or in the surrounding regions. that are supervised by the Institute or University

All details on the method and manner of payment for the scholarship to be awarded to the candidates will be published in ads in some of the main Hindi and English media from time to time. A copy of these advertisements will be available on the online site as well.

The policy choice on the manner of payment and the procedure shall be governed by the AICTE. The authorities may also disclose this information only on the website, so applicants should visit it frequently.

Candidates must commit to eight to ten hours of teaching-related work or research per week. The Institute with which they are finishing the course will assign this to them. This teaching or research work could include laboratory classes, tutorials, library assistance, laboratory maintenance and development, computer operation, computer maintenance and development, computer and other central facility operation, assisting faculty members with their research and development activities, and many other similar activities.

The value of this scholarship for postgraduate students is subject to vary based on a decision made by the Department of Higher Resource Development (MHRD), New Delhi, with permission from the AICTE council’s Executive Committee. The MHRD will continue to send out alerts about any changes or developments in the scholarship rates on a regular basis.

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