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How to add friends from contacts on Bereal Easily

Best Answer, How to add friends from contacts on Bereal When you have the BeReal app open, choose the friend symbol located in the upper left corner of the screen. Click the search bar located at the top of the page. Conduct a name search.

A list of names that are similar to your username or profile name may be seen below. You may then choose which of those you like most and send them a request to be your buddy.

How to add friends from contacts on Bereal

BeReal mobile app My Friends and Discovery appear when the app launches. Click My Friends. Add Friends appears if you have no friends. If you have pals but want more, click the People silhouette at the upper left.

The next screen depends on your phone’s operating system. On Android, BeReal suggests contacts. Suggestions, BeReal contacts, and Friend Requests appear on iPhone. Click Add next to the names of the ideas or contacts you wish to add as BeReal friends.

Being a contact on your phone doesn’t make someone your friend on BeReal; they must accept your request.

How To Add Friends On BeReal From Requests

Start by launching the BeReal app. After that, choose the Friends icon located in the upper left corner of the screen.

You will see that there are three different parts at the bottom of the page that opens. That includes input from our friends and recommendations. Simply choose the ‘Requests’ tab (See below pic).

You have the ability to see the friend requests that have been sent to you. You may become friends with someone by selecting their profile and then selecting the “Accept” option that is located to the right of their name. It is possible to prevent unwanted requests by clicking the X button that is located next to the Accept button.

why can’t i add friends on bereal

Because if you’re having trouble adding a buddy, try opening that person’s profile. After that, choose the menu option with the three dots in the upper right corner. After click on copy profile URL. Copy the link and paste it into WhatsApp. There’s a link that, when clicked, takes you to their BeReal profile. Then choose the “Add Friend” option.

Please contact the BeReal Support Team through email if you are having trouble adding friends. Instantly, they will address the issue and rectify it. For doing this, go to profile settings. In such case, please use the “help” button to get in touch with us. Then click on Report a problem. Then, offer a description of the problem as you see it. If you are done, please submit it.

Can’t add friends on bereal reddit

If you have an issue with accepting friend requests on BeReal, you may do the following: wipe away your build-up cache storage, update the program, reinstall the software on your device, and test your internet connection to guarantee it’s not contributing to the problem.

If you’ve exhausted these resources and are still having problems, BeReal support is here to help.

You may relieve a lot of stress by asking for help. The next step will be handled by the BeReal support staff. As far as support teams go, the BeReal crew is as genuine as it gets.

After you have shared your daily BeReal, you will have the option to add friends by either looking for their usernames inside the app if they are already using it or by sending them a link to download the app. You may see what other people in other parts of the globe are doing right now by tapping the Discover button, and you can add those individuals to your friends list by tapping their avatars. Screenshot

BeReal, which can be downloaded on both an iPhone and an Android device, requires users to first create an account before use. After you have downloaded the app, it will ask for access to your contact list so that it can put you in touch with any of your friends who are already using the service (you can decline, if you wish).

You ought to receive a notification inviting you to distribute a BeReal. If you don’t get it perfect within the first three tries, the application could start to become a bit testy. To take a picture using the BeReal app, you must first wait for the camera to appear before pressing the large button in the app’s center.

To correct a problem with the BeReal app, first delete it from your device, and then reinstall it. It is possible that reinstalling the BeReal app after first removing it from your device would fix the problem. Therefore, first remove the application from your phone and then reinstall it before determining whether or not the BeReal app is operational.

How to add friends on Bereal

Launch the BeReal app, then choose the friends symbol located in the upper left corner of the screen. You will then see “invite friends on bereal” at the very top of the page. Simply clicking on it will bring you the opportunity to share it with others. You have the ability to share on many social networks such as WhatsApp. In addition, you are free to copy the URL.

Launch the Bereal app and choose the profile icon located in the upper right corner. After doing so, a link to your profile will appear at the bottom of the memories on the page that represents your profile that appears.

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