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Best Answer, How to ADD CAPTIONS in LOCKET WIDGET APP, This is the Locate Widget App, and as of late there has been an update that allows you to add captions to the photos you take and share. To see how this works, simply follow the steps below: take a photo; at the bottom, you’ll see where you can type a caption; write something around the photo; send it; check the history; and voila! Okay, so here’s the deal: I want to snap a photo of my laptop screen, submit it, and then check it out. Because sometimes one photo isn’t enough, you’ll need to upgrade to the most recent version of rocket widget. Then, after tapping and holding, you can add like lock it good, and last, you’ll need uh yes like the if you will get the picture, you’ll simply see it there.

How to make a Locket widget

Navigate to the main menu. While holding down an app, the option to “Edit Home Screen” should appear. To add a new screen, go to “Edit Home Screen” and then hit the + symbol in the upper left corner.
Discover Locket by whatever means necessary. Go with the Locket widget.

How to use Locket without number

Locket prompts you to activate contacts inside the app right after you verify your phone number. Select the Contacts option. Tap OK. Yay! Getting there is our last priority. If this didn’t help, go on to the next option.

How to change country on locket widget

Prior doing anything else, change the country from the one you entered on signup. Plus, as soon as you click “Enter New Country,” flags of the new country will appear automatically. Simply by entering your complete phone number, you may complete the registration process.

How to change my name on locket widget

update your iPhone’s contact information by changing your name there. To make changes to your name, click the green phone icon and enter your search terms. If you change your name in your iPhone’s phonebook, it will also be changed in the Locket widget.

How to use a Locket widget

After deciding on the widget’s size (small or big), hit Add Widget. In the upper right, choose Done to finish. To access the Locket Widget, which was just placed on your Home Screen, tap on it. If you want to go to the Locket app, tap the Finish button.

Why is my Locket Widget black

Delete the Cache of the Locket Widget, Please refresh the Locket Sidebar, Transform your Internet Protocol Address, Phone, please restart. You should delete all the widget’s data, then uninstall and reinstall it.

Get rid of temporary files and data You may also try erasing your app’s cache and data to see if it helps fix the medallion widget app’s problem. In order to use the locket widget app without any more issues, it is recommended that you clear the cache and data. However, you’ll need some technical expertise to delete your cache and other stored information.

Phone, please reset. When everything else fails, try resetting your phone. Resetting your phone will wipe it clean of any personal information you no longer need. Therefore, a factory reset is required before the locket widget app can be used again. Here are the measures you should take. Vacant set-up. Select the App Store. Try to find the option to Reset all settings. Activate the “Restart” button now. Hold off until the task is effectively finished.

Locket Widget for Android and iPhone

Locket Widget, available for iPhones only in January 2022, lets users share photographs on their friends’ home screens. Once you’ve downloaded Locket Widget, added your contacts, and taken a picture, sending images to them is as simple as touching the app, taking the picture, and hitting the send button.

How to send a Locket widget to only one person

Launch it, frame your photo, then hit the shutter button. Instead of selecting recipients, the ‘Pick Friends’ option may be used. The next step is for the user to choose one or more recipients for the snapshot.

To enter editing mode, press and hold an app icon. Then, look for Locket in the widget search box, touch the + symbol in the upper left corner of the screen, and drop the square Locket Widget anywhere you desire.

You may add live photographs from your closest friends to your Home Screen with the Locket widget. Every time you open your phone, you and your closest pals will be greeted with fresh photos. It’s a taste of the day-to-day activities of the whole group.

Locket is available for free on the iOS App Store, however it has only a 3.4-star rating since some customers had trouble getting it set up or using it.

A free version of Locket may be downloaded from the App Store for iPhones. Launch the Software Store, enter “Locket,” then download the free ‘Locket Widget’ app created by programmer Matthew Moss. Unfortunately, Android users cannot follow these instructions. Since the Locket app isn’t yet available for Android, this is the case.

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