How Much To Fix Ps4 Hdmi Port 2022

Best Answer, How Much To Fix Ps4 Hdmi Port An HDMI port for a PS4 costs around $10. But the total cost of fixing your console could be $150 or more, depending on where you choose to have it fixed. PS4 owners said that Sony usually charges about $150 to fix the HDMI port on a PS4.

How Much To Fix Ps4 Hdmi Port?

On average, $10 is required to purchase a PS4 HDMI port. However, depending on where you choose to get your console fixed, the overall cost of repair might be as much as $150 or even higher. PS4 consumers have reported that the typical cost to fix the HDMI connector on their console is approximately $150 from Sony.

PS4 HDMI port repair cost near me

Curbside, You can bring it in yourself, mail it in, or we’ll come to you. Repair Services for Your Company’s Electronics—Make an Appointment Now. Services pertaining to devices for your company. Service that is both quick and friendly, with results that are guaranteed.

PS4 HDMI port repair cost GameStop

The price that a repair shop charges to fix a Playstation 4 HDMI port can change from one store to the next. On the other hand, the price is normally between $50 and $60. What could possibly stop a PlayStation 4 from turning on?

uBreakiFix PS4 HDMI port repair cost

uBreakiFix by Asurion® has a new brand, but the same reliable technicians and excellent service are still available to you. We are your finest option because we offer free diagnostics and a guarantee of reasonable prices. The Service Is Quick. A+ A rating from the BBB. 1 Year of Warranty on Parts. Experience Accumulating to Over 20 Years. 1000s of reviews all rated five stars.

HDMI port repair cost PS5

Absolutely! You will have a difficult time even locating a PlayStation 5 at this point, let alone purchasing one for less than $750. With the help of our reasonably priced HDMI replacement services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your PlayStation 5 will be back to functioning normally in no time.

Not only will our professionals remove the faulty HDMI port on your device, but they will also replace it with a port of OEM quality. In addition, all of our repairs come with an industry-leading one year warranty. This means that after you have received your operational console and it stops operating for any reason linked to our work, we will replace the port or fix it for FREE for the term of your warranty as long as the port has not been damaged.

PS4 HDMI port feels loose

When I insert the cable into the HDMI port, it wiggles to the left and down, and the port itself is loose. I switched to safe mode and played around with it, but I was unable to produce an image of any kind.

PS4 HDMI port bent pins

Sp It appears that several of my pins have become bent; if this is the case, can I straighten them, or do I need to replace the port itself?

It’s possible that you could straighten them out if you had access to some fine tweezers, a magnifying glass, and some decent lighting.

If I were you, I’d probably get a small extender cable from Amazon and use that to test it; that way, if it’s functioning, you can just use the longer one.

It won’t ever be necessary for you to disconnect the cord again.

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