How Many Gb Is Apex Legends Ps4 2022

Best Answer How Many Gb Is Apex Legends Ps4 How big is the Apex Legends file on PS4? The update for the PS4 version of the game is 42.789 GB in size. Players will need to make some room on their hard drives before they can download this big update.

How Many Gb Is Apex Legends Ps4

What is the Apex Legends PS4 game’s file size? There is a 42.789 GB download for the update for the PlayStation 4 version of the game. A lot of space will need to be freed up for this large update.

Apex Legends PS4 size

Apex Legends takes up less space on PlayStation than on PC or Xbox. Apex Legends demands only 57.11 GB of storage space on PlayStation. 42 GB of changes were needed for “Defiance” season 12 but apex’s total size shrank by 57%. Only PS consoles exhibit this behaviour.

How many GB is Apex Legends PS4

In Apex Legends on PS4, how large is the game’s data file? The PS4 version of the game requires a download of 42.789 GB for the upgrade. To download this large update, gamers will need to free up some space on their hard drives.

How many GB is Apex Legends PC

To play Apex Legends, you’ll need about 74.05 GB of hard drive space. As a result, a low-end PC with limited hard drive capacity will be unable to run the game.

How many GB is Apex Legends PS5

Where can I find the PS5 version of Apex Legends Season 13 38.193 GB is the total size of the Apex Legends Season 13 PS5 game download. In comparison to the previous generation PlayStation console, it’s significantly less expensive.

Apex Legends update size PC

An Apex Legends update can vary in size depending on the platform on which it is installed. You can use this on any platform, not just PCs or tablets.

How many GB is Apex Legends PC

Requirements for APEX Legends’ recommended systems; Windows 7 64-bit; Intel i5 3570K or comparable processor; 8GB of RAM; AMD Radeon R9 290 / Nvidia GeForce GTX 970

How many GB is Apex Legends Steam

The official site states that 22 GB of storage is the minimum. There are a lot of changes, maps, and new legends, so “minimum” is the watchword here.

How many GB is Apex Legends Mobile

According to the minimum system requirements, Apex Legends Mobile has a file size of 3 GB. The beta version of the game has a download size of 1.47 GB, although this may vary when the game is released. A device running iOS 8.1 or Android 8.1 or newer is required in order to play the game.

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