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How do you delete a tweet reply 2022

Best Answer, How do you delete a tweet reply When you go to your Twitter page, look for the Tweet you want to delete. Click on it. It looks like an arrow that goes down on the right. Click on it.

Next, click the Delete Tweet button. Finally, click Delete to make sure everything is done. You can now delete the Tweet that you sent from your Twitter account.

How do you delete a tweet reply

Select “my tweets” to only view tweets that you’ve published on Twitter. Select “only retweets” to discover what you’ve retweeted, and possibly – intrinsically approved. This is a good tool to uncover any possible conflicts of viewpoint that you may not share anymore. Select “only replies” to view the comments you’ve given on Twitter. Identify whatever steak you may not want to be visible online anymore, choose what doesn’t fit “today you’s” requirements, and eliminate the chaff with one click.

Can i delete my reply to a Tweet

To be clear, concealing a reply does not totally remove it from the system. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to erase a tweet that has been sent by someone else. Instead, this function obscures the offending reply, making it inaccessible to anybody who happens to be reading your original tweet while it is being hidden.

How to delete a tweet reply on iPhone

To open the Reply To screen, click on the “Reply” arrow in the shortcut bar on the left. If the tweet you’re responding to has several Twitter usernames, the names of the receivers will appear at the top of your reply as recipients at the bottom of the tweet. If you do not want to respond to any of the people listed above, just delete their names.

How to delete all my replies on Twitter

Open your Twitter account and log in. Go to the list of messages you’ve sent and hold down one of the buttons for one second on a message until a “x” appears at the bottom of the screen. Click on that button, and this tweet will be removed from both sides of the screen.

How to delete all my replies on Twitter

Open a web browser on your Mac or PC and go to the Tweet Delete website.
To link your Twitter account, you must first log into your Twitter account.
Configure the application’s parameters in the appropriate manner.
Then click “Delete my tweets!” once you’ve checked the box verifying you’ve read the terms and conditions.

If you delete a tweet can the person still see it

The most appropriate response is that deleted tweets are not really removed. They are just hidden from the public timeline, but they may still be seen on the private timeline. Anyone who has saved them to their own account’s timeline will be able to access them.

Tweet delete website

Create a list of all of your Twitter posts and delete them in bulk depending on their age or the exact content they contain. It has the ability to run once or automatically on a schedule.

How to delete old tweets

To access your profile, go to the top menu and choose it.
Select Profile from the drop-down menu.
Locate the Tweet that you wish to remove and click on it.
To reply to a Tweet, choose the symbol situated at the top of the message.
To delete a tweet, use the Delete button.
To confirm, press the Delete key.

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