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How do I reset my discord password without email 2022

Best Answer How do I reset my discord password without email It is only with Discord’s aid that you may retrieve a forgotten password if you do not have access to an email or phone number associated with your Discord account. Contacting Discord Support to request a password reset is an alternative to utilizing the “Forgot Password” option.

How do I reset my discord password without email?

It will be necessary to seek help from Discord if you’ve lost track of your password and don’t have access to a connected email or phone number to restore it. Instead of contacting Discord Support via the “Forgot Password” function, you may contact them directly to request a password reset.

Discord reset password

To access User Settings, click on your avatar in the lower right corner of the screen. Following that, choose My Account, then Change Password, and follow the on-screen steps.

Discord Support

Do you need assistance? We’ve got your back, believe it or not.

Help is available for anything related to Discord, from account settings to permissions.
If you’re new to Discord and looking for some pointers, we recommend that you read our Beginner’s Guide.

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