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How Do I Delete venmo account History 2022

Best Answer, How Do I Delete venmo account history You can open Venmo on your phone or on a computer. Tap or click the account whose transactions you want to delete. At the bottom of your screen, tap or click the “Transactions” tab. Swipe left on the transaction you want to get rid of and tap “Delete.”

How Do I Delete venmo account history

Take a look at the Venmo app on your phone or computer. To remove transactions from a particular account, just tap or click on it. At the bottom of your screen, tap or click the “Transactions” tab. On any transaction, swipe left and hit “Delete” when you wish to remove it.

Delete Venmo history Reddit

It’s a breeze. For private transactions, all you need to do is unblock the sender/sender and delete the transaction from your history. You’ll be able to forget about whatever you’ve ever done with them.

Venmo transaction history

Log into your Venmo account using a web browser rather than the Venmo app to see your full transaction history or statement.

why can’t you delete venmo history

In any case, your privacy worries must be tied to the public feed function, which displays all of your transactions and every payment you make.

Delete Venmo account Reddit

Venmo’s “Cancel my Venmo Account” button does not completely deactivate your account. To delete your bank information, you’ll need to contact them directly.

How long does Venmo keep transaction history

Your transaction history is accessible, but only up to the last 90 days are available for viewing or downloading at a time. You’ll need to search numerous date periods if you want to view more than 90 days worth of data.

My Venmo account won t delete

Due to the fact that there are still some money in your account, you cannot cancel it. This money should be returned to the sender or deposited directly into your account. Wait for the transactions to be completed and then repeat the process.

Can you edit Venmo description Reddit

YSK You have the option to make Venmo “private” in the settings. You don’t have to tell anybody who you’re paying or what you’re paying for.

Can you delete Venmo comments

Unless you remove the “public feed” option from your Venmo account, you cannot erase your transaction history. If your friends view your profile on Venmo, they will see your transaction history.

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