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How do I delete Reddit app history Permanently

Best Answer, How do I delete Reddit app history Permanently Reddit app-related phrases: Select the user icon, then go to settings, then local history, and finally select local history to clear it.

How to delete Reddit history mobile

Launch Reddit on your mobile device and choose the profile icon. Choose Preferences from the main menu. Select the option to Clear local history. To verify, press Clear local history once again.

How to delete Reddit history on website

The website features: Be sure to delete any saved forms from your browser and turn off any autofill features. remove specific search terms: Select the phrase you want to remove, and then click the Delete button (or X) in the top right corner of the search box on Reddit. On the Reddit mobile app: Simply go to your user settings by tapping the user icon, and then choose the Clear local history option.

How to delete Reddit history iPhone

Launch Reddit by touching the profile picture. Make a selection under “Settings” in the menu. Just go down to the bottom of the page and click on Clear local history. Select “Clear local history” once again to confirm.

How to delete Reddit history PC

Launch your browser and choose “File” from the menu that appears when you do so. The Privacy menu may be accessed by selecting the Preferences menu. Select History under the Security menu. You will see a list of the places you have been to online. Select Reddit, and then clear its browsing history.

Delete Reddit history Chrome

If you aren’t already signed into the Reddit app on your phone, locate it and touch it to open. Tap your profile image, located in the upper left corner of the screen. Then, in the upper right, choose the menu icon (three dots). Select the Clear History option that appears The fourth option should be “History.” Either the “Profile” tab on Reddit itself or a browser plugin will allow you to permanently erase your Reddit activity.

Delete Reddit post history

To see all of your posts and comments, click or tap POSTS or COMMENTS at the top. To erase a remark or post from a mobile device, just touch it. Simply observe the list of comments or posts while using a computer. To remove a post or remark, use the options menu (three dots) and then Delete.

Delete Reddit history extension

To delete all traces of Reddit posts in Chrome, use Nuke Reddit History. Get a Reddit account by logging in from your computer.
If you like the classic Reddit design, you can easily revert back. Install the Nuke Reddit History add-on by selecting its icon.
Pick the logs you want to erase. If there is a great deal of data to be removed, repeat.

Is Reddit history gone forever

If you want to learn how to permanently remove your Reddit account, you may do so by reading this useful tutorial. Keep in mind that Reddit account deletions are irreversible. All of your previous comments, together with any associated links, media, and photos, will be deleted.

Is there a way to delete history on Reddit app

Open the Reddit app. Select the Profile picture. The next step is to click the Settings menu. Find the Clear local history option in the Settings menu, then click it.

Does Reddit app save history

Select History from the menu bar, and then select the appropriate option from the Recent, Upvoted, Downvoted, or Hidden submenu. Your whole comment and post history is kept in your profile. The Saved menu is where your saved data will be kept.

How long does Reddit keep history

The site collects data such as your IP address, browser type, and operating system just as it does on mobile devices. You may be certain that after 90 days, all of your data (with the exception of the IP address you used to sign up for Reddit) will be deleted from Reddit’s servers.

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