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How do i delete recorded shows on youtube tv 2022

Subscribers to YouTube TV may remove recordings from their collection, however, the recordings themselves cannot be deleted. In spite of how perplexing and even contradictory it may appear, this is the way the cloud DVR for YouTube TV now works.

Through the internet, how can I remove a recording? Visit YouTube TV. If necessary, you’ll be prompted to log in. When you’re in the Library section, click on the tab. To get rid of a program or movie, locate it To see the show’s or movie’s webpage, click here. Remove this item from the library by clicking the checkmark icon

How to remove an app from your device Take a look at YouTube TV. To access the Library, use the Library button. To get rid of a program or a movie, locate it. To go to the program or movie’s page, just tap. To delete an item from your library, just select it and then click the x button.

Alternatively, users may search for any program or movie on the service’s website or via any of the YouTube TV platform applications and then click/tap on the “Add to Library” (checkmark) option to delete recordings from their library. Again, this only impacts planned recordings, not videos that have already been recorded.

What are the benefits of a YouTube TV membership? Subscribing users may watch live TV from networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and ESPN through the YouTube TV subscription service. Access to YouTube Originals is also included as part of the program. The cost of YouTube TV is $40 per month if you sign up six months in advance.

On YouTube TV, can you remove episodes? Select Shows in My Library by clicking on the “g” key on your keyboard. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the thumbnail picture of the episode that you wish to remove from your queue. You may delete an episode by clicking the “Delete Episode” button.

Using YouTube TV has both advantages and disadvantages. For example, it is a low-cost alternative to cable television, it provides a wide variety of channels, and it’s simple to use. If you live in an area where cable TV isn’t accessible or if you aren’t able to access it, satellite TV has certain drawbacks.

The ability to erase episodes from YouTube TV is not available. Launch the YouTube TV application on your mobile device. The three lines in the upper left of the main screen may be tapped. Select “My Episodes” from the drop-down menu that appears. To erase an episode, just tap the episode you want to remove. In order to get more information about an episode, click on the three dots in the episode’s thumbnail’s upper right corner. Delete by using the “Delete” button.

How do I delete recorded shows on youtube tv?

Press the “DVR” button on the remote control after selecting it from the menu.
Search through your recordings using the remote control to discover the program you wish to remove.
Select “Delete” from the drop-down menu and hit “OK.”

How to delete recordings on YouTube

To remove an episode, select it and press the Delete button. To access the episode’s thumbnail, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the thumbnail.

How to Delete YouTube TV DVR Recordings

how do I edit my youtube tv library?

YouTube TV enables you to change your location, albeit there are certain restrictions.
This is something that can only be changed by the family manager. Select Area from the account settings menu, and then click Update.
You have the option of changing your home location twice a year.
This is especially useful for persons who move often or who divide their time between two houses throughout the year.

How long do recordings stay on YouTube TV?

A general rule of thumb is that all YouTube TV recordings will be retained for a maximum of nine months after being created. In comparison to other cloud DVR systems, one of the biggest disadvantages of YouTube TV’s cloud DVR is that recordings cannot be kept for an infinite period of time.

How do you delete DVR recordings?

Manually deleting recordings from the DVR’s hard disk will free up space on the device’s hard drive. This option should be used for recordings that you wish to keep safe from being deleted by the DVR’s automatic deletion feature.

How does YouTube TV DVR work?

Any forthcoming airings and replays of the show you record on YouTube TV will be automatically added to your DVR library when you save it to your DVR. However, since YouTube TV provides you with limitless storage space, you shouldn’t have any problems recording a single episode on your computer.

YouTube TV recordings do not show up

A server problem is nearly always to blame when YouTube TV DVR stops functioning or displays an empty Library. This isn’t a major mistake that requires your immediate attention. It’s important to know that the YouTube TV team is working on a solution and that regular service should be restored shortly.

YouTube TV record only new episodes

Sign in to YouTube TV by opening it and clicking on the sign-in button.
To locate a program that you wish to record, type the title into the search field. It should be opened.
To the right of the show’s title, click on the + sign to add it to your watchlist.
That’s all there is to it. YouTube TV will record the program in its entirety, and you will be able to watch it at your leisure at any moment throughout the nine-month period.

How to mark shows as watched on YouTube TV

Locate the episode of a television program that you wish to mark as watched.
On that particular show, there was a lot of pressure.
Mark the item as watched from the drop-down option that displays.

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