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How do i delete my whitepages account 2022

Best Answer How do i delete my whitepages account You can call the business at 800-952-9005. The representative will need to know that you want to close your account. Ask if you will be charged again.
You can show that you canceled by getting a confirmation code or an email. Keep the confirmation information you get.

How do i delete my whitepages account

To cancel your White Pages membership online, go to https://www.whitepages.com/terms-of-service. For further information, call 800-952-9005 and ask to speak with a customer care representative. You may also use the same phone number to express any additional issues or file a complaint.

Whitepages account settings

Then go to premium.whitepages.com and sign in using the email address and password that you used to establish your Whitepages Premium account, if you have one.
Account Settings may be found on the dashboard page by selecting it from the drop-down menu.
On the general settings page, choose Cancel AutoRenew from the drop-down menu.

Request to deactivate my account

If you no longer desire to make use of your Crunchbase account, you may send an email to our support staff at support@crunchbase.com requesting that your user account be deactivated. Please make your request from the email address associated with the user account in question, and include the following information in your message:

First and last name
Name of the last person who has a last name
The request type (“deactivate user account”) is described below.
The reason for the request

Delete account email template

as well as the email address. For whatever reason, I have decided not to use the account again; as a result, I respectfully request that you please delete my account from your database and delete all (email notifications, additional email addresses, marketing emails, payment details, or any other information) associated with my account.

White Pages charges

In exchange for a fee, Whitepages gives access to people’s phone numbers, addresses, and other personal information. Since 1998, the corporation has made this service available to the general public at no charge. In 2018, they started charging $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year for their services, up from $0.99 per month before.

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