How do I delete my purchase history on Amazon 2022

How do I delete my purchase history on Amazon 2022

Best answer to clear all your previous Amazon purchases completely. You need to go to the portion of the site that is labelled “Your Orders.” Try looking for the Purchase History tab and clicking on it when you find it. After that, you will be presented with a list of all of your purchases along with the option to cancel each one.

How do I delete my purchase history on Amazon?

To remove Amazon’s record of your purchases.
You should visit the site’s Your Orders page.
The Purchase History tab may be found by searching for it.
Please note that each purchase offers an option to erase it.

How to archive Amazon order history

To re-enter your password, visit the Amazon website. Select Orders from the Account and Lists tab.

Once you’ve found the order you’d want to archive, click the Archive Order button in the order’s bottom-left corner.
In the pop-up confirmation box, choose Archive Order again.

How to delete purchase history on Amazon on iPhone

Using the Amazon iPhone or Android app, hit “more” at the bottom of the screen and choose “Item History” after you’ve placed an order. To remove a purchase, slide it to the right in the Orders list and then tap Edit Orders again.

How to hide orders on Amazon app

Once you’ve downloaded the Amazon app, open it and sign in. The item you wish to conceal may be found in “Your Orders.” To conceal an order, tap “View Order Details” and then “Archive Order.”

How to delete Amazon Search history

Go to the history of your browsing.

Select the Remove from view option for each item you want to remove from view. Select Manage history, and then select Remove all things from view to clear your browser’s cache.

Amazon deleted my order history

Removing an item from your Amazon browsing history is as simple as clicking the “Remove from view” button underneath the item. In addition, you may also remove your Amazon Prime Video viewing history.

Amazon delete order history Reddit

One of my Facebook friends recently inquired whether he could remove products from his Amazon shopping history. Why? I have no idea. I’ll just say that this one had me rolling my eyes.

How to hide Amazon orders from family

Amazon orders may be hidden from your account if you know how… Once you’ve logged into your Amazon account, go to the top right corner and click on “Returns & Orders.”

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